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Razer’s New Blade Laptops Are the Most Desirable Gaming Machines Ever

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  • mr2k9

    gonna be rm10k? sell 1 kidney maybe can get one..

  • Frustrate

    I bet the heat management system is still the same. Just like my blade. I wish I went with Alienware or RoG instead.

    • Vijandren Ramadass

      Only flaw to an otherwise awesome piece of machinery. Lets hope they sort out the heat issue in the updated 2014 model.

      • Ahmad Farzan

        i dont think they can haha, its the price you have to pay for its sexiness. they had to make tradeoffs in the cooling department to allow it to be thin

    • Anonymous

      Rog has the best cooling laptop ever. u wont regret it if u are into gaming. 🙂

  • lalala

    not really 1st in the world with that display reso. i remember samsung used that for its laptops but removed it in the next iteration because of battery drain.

    • Well, to be fair, Razer’s not claiming that title. I think the Samsung laptop you’re referring to is the ATIV Book 9 Plus, which is not available here in Malaysia.

      But the Lenovo Yoga 2 Pro is, and has a denser screen than the Razer Blade (13.3-inch 3200 x 1800). Of course, there’s no dedicated GPU in this one, so it’s no competition.

    • orangdelima

      haha!! Razer claims it’s the first in the world at 14″ display size to have such resolution. And Razer is absolutely correct, except you can give facts about a 14″ laptop with that resolution or higher apriori.

  • orangdelima

    Good article boss. MSI also happens to have announced a refresh of it’s Apache and Dominator lines of gaming laptops with the new Nvidia 800M series GPUS about 2days ago. Hope you can do some great research and an article on this too, and when we will expect this machines to be available in M’asia. Thanks