DiGi Now Offering Device Bundles with its Brand New Postpaid Plans – Sony, Samsung, Moto G and More

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  1. digisux says:

    who will b so bodo to buy at rrp and contract 12mth.digi ceo ox putted at lutut.

  2. SohaiNajib says:

    Not sure what’s the point bundling a Moto G when it doesn’t even support LTE

  3. tcmean says:

    Are they trying to fool the people that have no idea of the RRP and tie them up with 12 months contract?

  4. KoChun says:

    DiGi has become a big conglomerate and don’t know how to compete anymore. The call rates are good but LTE coverage and phone bundles are poor. The price is a disappointment. Even if I change SIM card with new plan, DiGi will charge for new SIM. It shows when their managers are just doing their job. Have fun with DiGi

  5. heroes says:

    no free lunch in this world,

  6. Aran Perumal says:

    I hope a bigger company like GOOGLE or other company will opt in so that will be an free internet service will be provided so that more people will use their services. correct me if I are wrong Its just came while I thinking why this happen.
    1. internet not like water/food they wont deprived/out of stock or need to be process first. Once you put the equipment, you have satellite ,etc you done its like it always have data connection. I just don’t understand why there are 1gb,2gb fucking 5gb plan with huge different cash. Did they pay monthly too someone? Just make a plan rm30 for 5gb that so reasonable. again correct me if I were wrong.
    2. Data with any Carrier are just too wrong after heard google balloon project.
    3. A plan bundle with device are so wrong for lots people. too expensive! Meant for higher class people but yet again its still expensive!

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