DiGi 4G LTE Finally Available For Smartphone: You Might Need A New SIM Card For It [UPDATED: Now With Speed Test]

DiGi 4G LTE For Smartphones
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  1. Jaycee1 says:

    LTE. Hahaha
    I get even spotty 3G/HSDPA most of the time and the dropped calls issue is still prevalent.. Time to buck up Digi.

  2. GameSky Kagamine Rin says:

    DiGi with their year 2000 of coverage… 😆 .. they can’t even deliver good 3G coverage ..left alone LTE

    1. amokio says:

      I have to agree on this. even their 3G havent stable yet, and they rush to launch 4G. What a failure.

      1. GameSky Kagamine Rin says:

        yup… even in Kuching city, the 3G coverage has been spotty.. left alone LTE

        besides 3G coverage, the DiGi signal coverage itself also a problem.. please la DiGi…fix the existing network before jumps to LTE

  3. truman6 says:

    no difference with Maxis….digi not the fastest & without 4g in ipoh, but atleast more coverage & more stable..

  4. Tys says:

    1st announce,public at final position

  5. sett says:

    I’m iDiGi user, iPhone 5s, change the USIM recently & at LTE coverage area (Mid Valley) but no LTE. Only 3G or EDGE.

  6. CARtoon says:

    Strange .. shouldn’t DiGi enables the service to those who have sign up BEFORE Feb. I just had this thought of changing to Maxis and then this post appears.
    I mean, what kind of message is DiGi sending out to those who have been using their service for years. That it doesn’t matter how long you have been as a subscriber, we (DiGi) are more keen to attract new subscribers?

    1. Yup, I was baffled too. That being said, SmartPlan 58 customers is able to access LTE immediately despite it is now considered as defunct.

  7. Littlebear says:

    Will DIGI support the iphone 5 1800MHz spectrum?

    1. Despite being listed on Apple’s LTE website, DiGi rep said its LTE network does not support 1800MHz at this moment. Only 2600MHz.

  8. seancorr says:

    Given them many years to improve their network coverage and internet speed but its still terrible. I ca’t even get decent 3G coverage in Cyberjaya!

  9. Digi subscriber says:

    Why talk about LTE when Digi’s 3G service stinks. Customer service is equally bad as different personnel give different answers to the same question.

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