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Bitcoin Bank Robbed Of RM2mil

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  • Andrew

    Read a lot of “professional” post in forum, about how good bitcoin was about.
    But they never face the real problem, when bank get robbed or bankrupt, there is government that RESPONSIBLE for it, but in this case, who is going to compensate ?

  • lel

    Meh, everyone wanna do the Mtgox style; declared that they were hacked, close shop, no refund.

    • Hantu Bieber

      my thought exactly

  • ccb

    so the hecker made off with some bitcoin.. but then bitcoin is bankrupt.. so how did the hacker ‘cash in’ on their loot?

    • LOL

      maybe the “hacker” only want the downfall of bitcoin, it din’t really care about bitcoin value


    when someone apologize (for bankrupt) with a smile, it would be a good hint they might not be sincere…
    with no gov and insurance backing, it would be a great opportunity for fraud and scam… no refund, no tracing, perfect steal