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TM Offers To Upgrade Your UniFi Speed For Free…But With A Catch

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  • clon

    My area don’t even have unifi yet LOL

  • nobody

    setahu saya, free utk bulan pertama aje lepas subscribe tapi contract 12 bulan, lepas tu tak boleh cancel. Tak silap saya,dlm website tiada option utk subscribe 8mb tanpa hypo tv, rasa macam main paksa tengok hypotv sedangkan TMNEt utk jual internet service aje tapi kenapa skrg paksa org subscribe ip tv pula. kalau i silap sila perbetulakan.

  • nfs

    If let me choose Astro channels, I will consider. No thanks for those Hypp TV channels.

    • kzm

      There are astro channel available..2 actually, both sport channel

  • joshcavanagh

    for existing unifi customers, if u wanna upgrade, your contract will be renewed, automatically to another 2 years.

  • truman6

    upgrade my ass..i’ve been waited for it to be available at my place..for over 2-3 years now…1km from my home have it, but 1km away waited 2-3 years also cant get?

    • kk

      my house worst. the fibre cable just in cross in front of my house, and yet my housoe not in coverage area.

      • Choong Kon Keong

        Bro, same story with Land line ten of years ago! TM never changed and learned from the past!

  • Fed-up

    Those currently on 20mb/s continue to pay a premium without any “freebies”. Typical of company run by idiots.

  • Derp

    if i’m alrdy subscribed to the hyyptv megapack and using 5mbps pckge, will I be able to get a free upgrade to the 10mbps pckge?

    • “A”

      yes, boleh je kalau dah existing ada megapack and upgrade speed untuk offer ni.

    • Yup, as per what A pointed out. Just confirmed with TM on Twitter few min ago. 😀

  • kng

    subscribe to the HyppTV Mega Pack or HyppTV Sports Pack and upgrade from VIP5 to VIP10 or VIP10 to VIP20… automatically renew contract for 2 years (penalty charges incur if terminated contract within contract period) then save RM1200 for the 2 years new contract… hhmmm… seems like a good deal???

    • Hence, I point out that if you already subscribe to one of those pack, the deal might be more worthy since you most probably gonna stick to UniFi + HyppTV for the long run.

    • sam

      No need to pay penalty, just look for a new condo nearby and ask TM for change of address, they will cancel your acc for free, as no coverage. …; ))

  • azlee

    “without any changes to their current monthly fee.” tapi kena tambah RM50..penulis ini tahu baca ke tidak…

    • RM 50 itu adalah bayaran pakej HyppTV. Kalau ditolak RM 50 itu, bukankah ianya sama dgn bayaran biasa utk UniFi VIP 5 dan VIP 10 = RM 149 / RM 199? 😀

      • Not really. Without any changes means no need to pay even a cent extra to enjoy the promotion, which is obviously not the case.

  • namza

    Like people always say no such thing as a free lunch

  • emino

    You can offer to upgrade all you want, but if the service is still unavailable in our area, you wont get shit.

  • azizul

    they are selling something that would not have been sold otherwise, namely “HyppTV”

  • johndoe

    used to be unifi customer for almost 3 years.. sadly cannot enjoy the MSL game due to copyright issue although the game is on RTM1 🙁

    • I share the same feeling with you too, mate! 🙁 Good thing, RTM is just a button away – switch back the TV to antenna…

      • Choong Kon Keong

        If only RTM broadcasts in digital and HD!Most of the TV now are big and HD, no shock watching SD programme!

  • sam

    8Mbps for RM160 with HyppTV, is free for 24 months only? Then need to pay or cancel subscription after 24 months (if don’t want anymore)?

    4Mbps for RM140, the topup RM20 for HyppTV (same price with 8Mbps: RM160)….. *_*