Microsoft’s SkyDrive Is Now OneDrive

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  1. sudonano says:

    Simpanan Awan 1Malaysia sounds like a much better name.

    I seriously wonder, did they forget Ubuntu One. That’s the Ubuntu cloud service…

    1. Well…we’ll see how Ubuntu going to react to the news. :3

      1. sudonano says:

        another thing. BBC one is also a registered trademark. First from Sky, and now to the next UK TV company, BBC? Only time will tel.

    2. fadzioriq says:

      you can never goes wrong when there is “one” or “1” in your trade name~lulz

  2. cheehon says:

    one drive has launched. but it seems weird for me still seeing SkyDrive name there, and about the bonus capacity by accomplishing tasks still missing.

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