U Mobile Introduces New U Prepaid Plan with “Free” Internet

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  1. suratsiber says:

    uh oh, credit validity has been reduced to 2x. before this i got 30 days for every RM10 topup. This is not good! Hope they don’t change credit validity in existing plan.

    1. hampeh says:

      they already change to 2x credit validity for all prepaid numbers. Just topup rm10 and got 20days credit validity..suck umobile..

  2. vincent says:

    wow..prices increased, 1st time in umobile. free internet but after quota 20cent/mb compared to 5cent/mb previously.

  3. USuckMobile says:

    RM30 for 30Mb for 30days?? I am sticking with my UMI18…250MB for a month!!!

    1. Ng Oon-Ee says:

      Bodoh ka? RM30 is reload, not price of the plan. Tak erti baca, you can reload RM30 and still use Umi18….

      That being said, I prefer the free SMS to U of the old prepaid plan so won’t be upgrading.

    2. Kirk Hammett says:


  4. Firdaus Shafie says:

    Can i use this plan but subscribe UMI at the same time?

  5. Pennyworth says:

    As other posters have mentioned, this “upgrade” is a bad deal. Credit validity is reduced from 3x to 2x while internet charges are increased 4x from 5c/MB to 20c/MB.

    I use my Umobile line as emergency internet so I won’t be upgrading either. If they take the unenlightened move to force upgrade everyone, then I’d switch to Hotlink prepaid for the free net instead.

  6. JasD says:

    When can I start using my free calls?

    You can start using your free call upon receiving “free calls” SMS notification.

    • Daily free call is timed from 00:00am to 6:59:59pm – (subject to Fair Use Policy of 60mins a day)
    • RM0.05/30sec will be charge at peak hours from 7pm – 11.59pm.

    The free calls count is reset on a daily basis at 12am.

  7. Info says:

    08 January 2014
    Effective 8 January 2014, credit validity for all Existing and New Prepaid Plans will be 2x longer.

  8. cowpolar says:

    i just join U-MOBILE
    can i know how i get free calls and message?
    i have make a cal yesterday 9 at 1230 bt its not fre

  9. Penny Tom Tom says:

    I want how to buy internet 1 day

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