WWDC 2013: Apple Completely Redesigns iOS 7, This Changes Everything, Every Single Thing

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  1. tareh says:

    is it just me or the notification screen looks like Lumia’s and the multitasking screen looks like the Symbian Belle’s?

  2. cristine heng says:

    after the failure of same old boring interface from earliest iOS to iOS 6, now they finally got a brilliant idea: copy the goodness from Android and Windows and make it as iOS 7. can Steve Jobs RIP?

  3. petre says:

    time for samsung, nokia and all the rest to SUE apple for copying them. payback time apple!

  4. joe says:

    If Apple releases a bigger iPhone and with this I’m sold. Probably hop off the MS wagon. This is the kind of OS I had always wanted 🙂

  5. Engku Fariz says:

    sigh, its time to change my beloved IP4S to Xperia Z or Lumia 920, huge disappointment towards apple and ios… old boss goes down, new boss rising, everything is ruined, thank you very much for letting us to wait and got disappointed…

  6. khrisnan says:

    Totally disgusting and disgraceful! Trying hard to copy every bits and bytes from Android, and yet failed to do so, now its even worse than before. Just wondering how many more consumer will fall into their ugly marketing trap. Maybe it works to maintain current diehard fans, but if this new iOS 7 is going to be designed for attracting new users, then Apple is day-dreaming for sure.

  7. truman6 says:

    its been ssoooo looooonggg since people started saying “ITS TIME TO CHANGE TO ANDROID” still .. i bet many of you saying this, still buying

    dun speculate before try..

  8. Mo says:

    One of the ugliest thing to come out of Apple and to think it was done by sir jonathan ive.

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