E3 2013: Xbox One Coming To 21 Markets This Nov, Priced At Around RM 1600

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  1. elhelmiey says:

    good bye xbox one and welcome ps4 🙁

  2. LOL guy says:

    sit behind a payment wall haha bye bye xbox one welcome ps 4

  3. +_> says:

    Xb1.. really!! kinda looks like 1999 VCR player..

  4. Hunter says:

    RIP Xbox One, 2013 – 2013. Lol.

    with such restrictions for used games, and internet connectivity requirements to play a game, in Malaysia, such cannot survive.

    If microsoft doesnt review their standing on these restrictions, then, its gonna be a rough year for them indeed.

  5. Asia Last :-( says:

    We’ll only see this device end-2014 – discriminating against their biggest growth market AGAIN!!!

  6. Rajey says:

    Massive dissapointment. Best route to go in this country is PC gaming by far right now.

  7. mojo says:

    ps4 n xbox one come in with a big size..of course will be launch for slim after up 1 years..haha..money3

  8. aleesa says:

    Why not include Malaysia.
    So,they don’t sell it at Malaysia.
    What and Why?

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