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First Look: Huawei Ascend Mate, The 6.1-Inch Android Smartphone

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  • tokin

    berapa wang?

  • toni

    If the price is around RM1,400, this Mate would be a hot item.
    As it is I would rather wait a few more weeks for the Galaxy Mega, hopefully at RM1,599 ?

  • eddy

    Very expensive comparing with the benchmark. Should price in RM 1200. Better get note 2. Wtf huawei

  • tamro

    tak tau baca?

  • SS

    It is ips+ instead of amoled.

  • what’s with all these manufacturer semua mau bikin tapak gajah size punya phone ?

    can’t they just make a 4.3′ phone with superb specs….

    • Azizul: I must say that I really like your “tapak gajah size punya phone” comment, hahaha. xD

  • haha Chap, i know it is over-exaggerated, but you know what i mean… hehe

    and by the way in my previous post i meant 4.3″ (inches), not really 4.3′ (feet) lol…..

  • Get note 2 la… unless this is slightly over 1k then most probably will sell like hot cakes! 🙂

  • BlackHeart

    Azizul..maybe the phones are big because the manufacturer wants to put in a big battery inside the phone to balance it with the phone power requirement..superb specs needs a lot of,until there is a new battery technology that could produce a smaller battery with higher capacity, i dont think its easy or cheap for manufacturer to produce small phones with high specs.

  • Hanz

    Well, China is selling around RM1,350,2

  • kettfish