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Yes 4G Announces World’s First 4G Google Chromebook by Samsung

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  • e1

    …at the end is just a Linux PC and many peoples still using Microsoft products.

  • Human

    “…4G network, where the company has already covered 85% of the country across over 4000 base stations…”

    I wonder on what basis they claimed that way, since Sabah and Sarawak together make up almost half of our country. Not to mention that the coverage of it in WM is also nowhere near full.

    Thus, they might either be trolling or doesn’t take EM as part of our country, LOL…

  • Dawja Xavier


    They might be hinting that they have already installed base stations that could cover 85% of the country but not yet deployed them due to certain circumstances..

    Partnering with Google and Samsung might reduce the cost of deployment of the network..It won’t be surprising since they have been at it for so long in the news even before they actually launch the service..

  • Edward

    Samsung? Pixel is better.

  • stormlcc

    wow, add RM300 can get a proper laptop with i5 + 4gb 14″ laptop. The chromebook is supposed to be a very cheap laptop alternative, market price should be less than RM1k for this model. Welcome to Malaysia everyone.

  • morpheus3929

    “20Mbps on the Yes network.” that’s the biggest bullshit i’ve heard in years man and i’ve used clearwire in the states before…