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Lenovo Malaysia Launches the ThinkPad Helix

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  • spiderbox

    omg. I’m drooling!

    so sad tho, to see a rm6.5k laptop where function keys take a back seat to media keys

  • rufaz

    “at a cool RM6500.”

    very COOL indeed. unaffordable at all. LOL. samsung’s smart pc, yoga etc are still a better deal here.

  • Al Asad Khalid

    Holy pretty FLYINGSPAGHETTIMONSTER!!! Rm6500 with no graphic powa T__T

  • rasid

    I got mine already, but couldn’t get the 3g connection working. No idea whether mine has 3g modem but for sure the it has SIM slot underneath.

    Honestly, this is the best ever laptop i ever had. after more than 10 laptops i bought, and previous Acer 510, HP envy x2, and not forgotten the worst tablet PC i ever had Compaq Tablet PC TC1000.

    downside, the fan and the ventilation is quite hot!

    summarized, i love this laptop.. running VS2012, sql server 2008 without any hustle and planning to get Painter 12 for best drawing.

  • @Rasid, where did you get yours bro!?

  • Greg

    I’m so glad I’ve not gotten the Thinkpad X1 Carbon…… *drools*

  • Kittlsk

    How would this be justifiable with rm6.5k price tag while the competitors like vaio duo 11 or xps 12 offering almost the same spec (slightly slower processor though but still i7 and lower resolution camera, which is not a great deal for most of the business users) with rm1.4k lesser?

  • Matt

    Justifiable or otherwise, tablets/convertibles with Wacom active digitizers are typically more expensive compared to similarly specced non “Wacom Penabled” counterparts.

    The Sony Vaio Duo uses an Ntrig digitizer, whereas the XPS 12 does not support pen input at all (iirc).

  • Rasid


    I just call lenovo Malaysia and they email me the detail price and spec, and their appointed dealer.

    It was early of April when I sent the request and I got mine a week bf end of April.

  • Kittlsk and Matt,

    Don’t forget the 256GB SSD and the magnesium alloy body that passes military standards.

  • Kittlsk


    Both vaio duo 11 and xps 12 do have 256ssd with i7 bundled. Paying rm1.4k more just to have a stronger body? Doesn’t really make much sense to me,

  • Whoops, didn’t notice the higher-specced variants of the vaio duo 11 and xps 12. Apologies.

    Looking up the two hybrids, I do agree with you that the ThinkPad Helix is rather overpriced. Also, the US pricing is $1499.

    On the other hand, if you take into account the three-year onsite warranty, the price difference is a lot lower. The Dell XPS 12 costs about RM5900 with a three-year warranty. Not sure how much the Sony would cost, though.

  • Kittlsk

    Finally, the third hybrid model with i7 and 256GBssd, the Lenovo Yoga 13 is here. I just bought and added rm150 to upgrade to 8GB ram (from 4GB) which makes it about the similar spec as helix but it just costs me rm3999 (all in). Paying rm2.5k more for having a full hd screen (yoga 13 is just 900p, which I couldn’t spot any difference comparing with the full hd gaming laptop side by side), Wacom active digitizer and stronger body…..hmm, I think Lenovo is just trying to kill themselves. 🙂

  • Kittlsk

    Correction: just costs me rm3949 (all in).

  • kikilala

    can somebody give out the specs for that 6.5k pricetag? probably with the detail of dealer if can..