Battle of the Hybrid Windows 8 Laptops: Which is the Best?

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  1. PeterTechGuy says:

    Surface Pro still looks better to me.

  2. wtf says:

    The title says battle of the laptop and which are the best, end conclusion say its personal choice. You might as well tell me your mother is women.

  3. You've got it wrong says:

    The Yoga has a 1600*900 Display.
    Not a 1366*768

  4. Pang Tun Yau says:

    Hi wtf,

    The question in the title is a rhetorical one. Throughout the write up I weighed the pros and cons of each form factor. Hence, what suits me may not suit you. In addition, my personal opinion on the matter is linked on the second last line of the write up.

    Hey You’ve got it all wrong,

    Thanks for pointing it out. There was indeed an error on the spec sheet, and has been replaced.

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