Low-Light Shootout: HTC One, Nokia Lumia 920 and Apple iPhone 5

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  1. tareh says:

    what? put in the Nokia Pureview i dare you guys.

    1. Lucas Lau says:

      Our review Unit was taken back a while ago =) I do think that the 808 will outperform the HTC One in the camera front though… The Xperia Z and the ZL use the same camera so the result will be similar

  2. tareh says:

    and please COMPRESS your web photos. dont put up 2.7 megs of individual pics wei.

  3. keleta says:

    lets put in Pureview 808 and Xperia Z, then we shall see again. the ultra pixel thing is overhyped by HTC, as usual and always.

  4. Lucas Lau says:

    @Tareh: We are fixing that tomorrow! Sorry about that! =)

    EDIT: Fixed!

  5. kelvin says:

    It seem HTC One provide us the most accurate and less distraction photos based on above example. Good review guy!

  6. InvinceZ says:

    i like htc one image..warm and didn’t capture too much light as 920 cam. as for iphone5 came, no comment, 1st 2 seems good, last image seems too dark. just 2 cents from someone who didn’t know the actual area image is captured

  7. tareh says:

    @Lucas good to hear that man. that page alone was about 11 megs. my Digi mobile net was ststststutering trying to load that page. cheers man and good job!

  8. Nouda says:

    The HTC One clearly won this one. Too bad it’s android.

  9. pro says:

    lumia 920 has more accurate white balance for 1st and 2cd shot, but shutter too slow will spoil the picture…

  10. Dzul says:

    @Nouda How is that a bad thing?

  11. toni says:

    Clearly, HTC One’s ultrapixels has been over-hyped.
    Really nothing outstanding (no wow) from the pics taken by HTC One.

  12. jamestan says:

    I think this test is not accurate, you should take exact same picture, using all auto settings.

    meaning, having the exact same picture angle and all.

    its a good start, but not accurate results.

    1. Lucas Lau says:

      Thanks for the suggestion! While it is pretty difficult to replicate the exact same picture given the difference in focal length of the cameras, the settings were all set to as Auto and similar as possible. However, I do agree that next time we will need to take note of these things to even greater detail (4:3 vs 16:9 for example).

      Really appreciate your comments!

  13. Ip Man says:

    Iphone 5 has too much noise

  14. Ip Man says:

    @Lucas 920 not using 4:3 to capture?

    1. Lucas Lau says:

      I think the One has been set to wide, not 4:3 =(

  15. farid says:

    I would prefer results from dxomark.com

  16. syaheer says:

    These tests doesnt prove that a camera is better than the other. This only means the auto setting is different in different situations. Thats why we have to adjust the camera manually to get the correct photos each time differrently.

    1. Lucas Lau says:

      That’s a very good point Syaheer! I will agree with you on that, however for the majority of mobile phone users, the Auto function is what stays on most of the time… I’ll do some more tests =)

  17. iPhoneGod says:

    iPhone wins. Enough said. HTC One was like meh… 920, I mean come on, the colors look so fake. iPhone has noise because it can capture more details!!!

  18. Ip Man says:

    What’s the details that Iphone has? LOL

  19. InvinceZ says:

    maybe you need to use a tripod…the importance is pics were taken from the same spot under closest time difference as possible. then same resolution & ratio.

    would be good to have a calibrated monitor as well.

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