Review: The BlackBerry Z10 – Saviour Or Swan Song?

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  1. jibam says:

    No need physical keyboard, one your use it will recognize the words and all you need to push it. Very fast than physical keyboard. If you know what I meant.

  2. PeterTechGuy says:

    I’m certainly sure as hell don’t know what you mean, jibam. How could a virtual keyboard is in any way better than a physical keyboard, not to mention faster?

  3. BB10.my says:

    @PeterTechGuy, you’ll be amazed at how good the virtual keyboard is. By far the best on the market my a mile! Its hard to describe how good it is, you need to use it to believe it.

  4. PeterTechGuy says:

    But I already used it for a year…

  5. kaiser says:

    yup aggreed on the virtual keyboard, the text prediction is simply amazing, be it english or malay( you have to on the indonesian language) few letter and the phone already suggest you the right words, and it can predict your next word also.. it is damn simply amazing.

  6. kaiser says:

    @peterTechGuy we are talking about BB Z10, the model just launch 2-3 month ago. how come you already use it for a year?

  7. alvinf says:

    Its a piece of crap, everytime the operator signal dropped and u have to restart the blardy phone. The keyboard is pretty good i can say. Cant use it cause its not dependable. Doom RIM!!

  8. Rayz2 says:

    Seriously guys? You never heard of Swiftkey on android? Shame on you!!!

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