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  1. highbury1913 says:

    This looks very much like an ad from Maxis. LYN, it’s common courtesy to let readers know that an article is an ad. Put “AD:” at the front of the article or something.

    1. Lucas Lau says:

      Thanks for you input Highbury1913,

      The above wasn’t an ad, rather the info was taken from a press release that Maxis had sent us. Lowyat.NET is not in the practice of running advertorials and if we do, we would be upfront about it =) I believed that the information behind the jump was best copy and pasted as it was an FAQ.

      Thanks for your support! I’ll try to be a little less verbatim in the future =)

  2. zero says:

    agreed above statement

  3. highbury1913 says:

    Thanks for the reply, Lucas.

    Yes, less verbatim is the right phrase. I worked in the journalism industry for years and one of our key jobs was to make sure that when we make articles out of press releases, we change A LOT of it to not make it look like brown nosing. Also to make sure that if they want their content displayed the way they want, they pay the big ad dollars.

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