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MCMC Fines Major Telcos in Malaysia a Total of RM190,000 for Dropped Calls

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  • Jonathan

    Rm190000. Waseh so much weih. When you earn hundred of millions, its so painful.

    Ma7 10 mil mah, den only serious.

  • DValentine

    kayalah MCMC kali ini kakakkaka

  • napaca

    damn telcos making us pay more for little services,padan muka…next time sue them more

  • bingo

    Thats amount of fine is too little for them, MCMC should increase the fine since the telco service is getting worst day by day.

  • Apoo

    RM190K ONLY is a sad and big joke to Malaysian individual consumers who have possibly spent millions or at least hundreds of thousands of Ringgit on having to make multiple calls to finish a conversation. A FINE OF RM190K IS TANTAMOUNT TO ADDING INSULT TO INJURY for us as consumers and makes us understand why the telcos cannot really be bothered to improve. The costs of improvement would be many times RM190k.

    I use the services of Maxis and cannot understand how it is allowed to move into 4G when its existing services are terrible. Where I live in OUG, there is no service practically (wavering between 1 bar and no bar) – when I drive to work along Jlan Sungei Besi, there is fluctuating service. When I arrive at my office near Menara KLCC (about 300 metres from Menara Maxis, there is fluctuating service (wavering between 2 bars and no bar). Whether I am at home, on the way to work or in my office, I cannot rely on Maxis’ services. Biggest joke is that after complaining several times, the Maxis staff themselves suggested I switch network!! Such a network can be allowed to upgrade to 4G?! Only in Malaysia …. what is our nation and Government controls coming to? Sigh.

  • loutze

    MCMC fined, and goes to whose pocket? Consumers also never get rebate? Isn’t Consumers suppose to be the victim here?

  • SadFace

    yeah, agree.. with this little, not compensate what many us people were facing in the past..

  • Jaycee

    Bloody hell ….only 190k in total? They have made much more from us users having to re-make the call many times over.

    Another sandiwara from MCMC. Where is your teeth?

  • 1kid412

    1 million will be the best amount to fine but they will gladly accept some donations from those telcos (RM100k kopi-o)

  • bataman

    Er…fine the telcos…and PAY MCMC??? WHY??? MCMC should order the TELCOS to REFUND the money back into the subscriber’s account. They have no rights to take the money!!!

    Satu lagi projek Barisan Nasional.

  • metsatsu

    LOL, RM190K? It’s like paying for a parking fine by the city council. PEANUTS!

  • chris

    i Lol’ed at the Rm190,000.00 fine. Even an event like the Iphone 4 launch uses many time more money than this.. This fine doesn’t benefit the consumers. What MCMC should do is ask them to show every dropped call and refund them. Give them work to do, see if they dare repeat!!!

  • AGK

    It’s a fine… Not a compensation… so why need to re-reimburse the subscriber.

  • Mambang Hutan

    MCMC use the money for public telco infra development in ulu areas. MCMC is very kaya, even more than the telcos. Used to have RM4 billion under their care.

  • evohadj

    190K fine LOL… celco should refund back the money to the subscribers

  • afk

    and where does the money goes to? hmmm

  • maxis-no-more

    Apoo, that made me puzzled as well as to how on earth, i mean, how in malaysia can maxis be number 1 telco?

    when i bought my SGS 1, i was tied up to maxis for 1 and a half year, and it was my first time jumping on to maxis. let me tell you, its the WORST YEAR EVER FOR ME! I used it just like i did when using celcom but the bills double or triple!

    No wonder why my rich friend all use maxis. its for rich people who got soo much money to throw away.

    Coverage, dont get me started. I worked at ACS at menara luxor (before they moved to cyberjaya) and i went to 7-11 to buy my friends some drink during the break. When i reached the drinks section, it’s at the back of the store, i forgot some drinks my friend asked me to buy. so i reached my phone and guess what… no coverage.. in Damansara weh!! ptuihh!! i went out of the store only got signal. what the hell right?!

    now im back with celcom, with even more friends telling me how great they save when changing to celcom. wide 2G/3G coverage, no bill shock, no extra charge after reaching internet quota. best everrr!

  • Telco hater

    Only fine 100K for Yellow man.. too less for them. I dont think they even bother to improve their quality. But chasing for payment is surprisingly efficient.