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Meet the World’s Smallest and Lightest Phone

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  • lala

    no wonder japan is lacking behind samsung.

    look at this joke, just look at it.

  • zork

    Something refreshing, instead of hearing 5″ display phones and so on

  • lili

    smallest phone a joke?
    define phone and define joke.

  • lala

    its a joke when even you two (zork & lili) are not going to buy one.

  • bobby

    This small phone is ridiculous. People wants to carry 1 small phone and this will be an extra baggage. They think they are smart. It’s not going to sell.

  • lol

    actually this is good for those spy, no need smartphone when we just want to make a call when spying

  • zamora

    u know what
    i like this phone

  • eksk

    a joke? its not so funny when liam neeson comes after you like in taken 2 with his teeny little phone

  • aku

    no joke… i’ll buy it if below rm150…