Sony Announces the PlayStation 4

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  1. wooot says:

    Please be less than 1.5k..pleaaaasssee

  2. R.K. says:

    And they say PC gaming is dead … They were so dead wrong ! Baw ha ha.

  3. momotyrannous says:

    please be more than 2.5k….ha3
    just bought my ps3 3 months ago…
    oh well…that’s the way how capitalism works…

  4. notmomo says:

    Sorry momo, you’re just late to the game. I’ve had my PS3 for over 6 years.

  5. yuari says:

    PS3 still have a lot more to be revealed. The changes that we’re about to see between Ps3 & Ps4 is:
    1. Ps4 will have exclusive games
    2. Better fps; 60 fps smoother graphics
    3. Standard 1080p; bettee graphic
    4. Stronger cpu/gpu; which allows better online multiplayer in terms of numbers of players
    5. Ps4 dualshock 4 is specifically designed for shooters. We have had enough of shooting games, haven’t we?

    But my next gen is Wii U next year!

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