Sony Mobile Showcases Xperia Z for APAC Region; to hit Malaysian Market Q1 2013

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  1. Sean says:

    How abt the ZL? is it coming here?

  2. spacecopgaban says:

    Another vote for the ZL, same screen size, smaller footprint

  3. kk says:

    i want ZL too

  4. jual says:

    Sony has mentioned during CES event that the target regional market can only have one of the two models, not both. Since Malaysia is getting the Z model, it will not get the ZL model.

  5. Hunter says:

    i’ll take the Z’s ruggedness and survivability factor (IP rating) over smaller footprint anytime. It totally eliminates the fear of dropping your phone in a longkang, pool, sink, or toilet bowl (for those who game and browse on the can – you know u do 😀 ).

    I used to own a Moto Defy, I just miss the times watching youtube vids and browsing the web while taking a shower. LOL

    Hoping the Z could rekindle this summore with the latest high end specs and an HD screen to boot.

    1. Sean says:

      IMHO, I dont need a waterproof phone. I dont see how that would benefit me in my lifestyle and im usually very careful with my phone. What i like is something that has nice specs and fits nicely in my pocket. Im not a big fan of the Sam Note.
      So far the ZL fits that my likings.

      I still dont understand why SG, PH, Viet and Indo are getting the ZL and not malaysia. Might get the ZL from AP.

  6. Pang Tun Yau says:

    Good news for all who are interested in the Xperia ZL. Sony has earlier today announced that the Xperia ZL is indeed coming to Malaysia 🙂

    1. Hunter says:

      Agreed on the fact that not everyone needs IP rated phone, but then again, the the Xperia ZL is a bit thicker at 9.8mm while the Z is a svelte 7.9mm and a little bit heavier at +/- 151g compared to the Z’s 146g if not mistaken.

      Smaller footprint yes, but i doubt the ZL will provide better pocketability compared to a Z.

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