CES 2013: Pebble Smartwatch Announced; It's a $150 Smartphone Companion - Lowyat.NET

CES 2013: Pebble Smartwatch Announced; It’s a $150 Smartphone Companion

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  • Farhan

    just wondering.. if it last 7 days.. so.. how to charge the battery?

    • Hi Farhan,

      Just amended the original write up with details on the battery. The Pebble has a rechargeable battery 🙂

  • wan

    i so want this!!!! like…..now! clicking the pre-order….or maybe you guys there can buy a unit on my behalf?? hihi

  • roy

    Any idea when we will receive it if we pre-order by Jan 2013? Was thinking of buying once its available here but that would probably take a while.