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The Nokia N9: Is This the World’s Most Underrated Smartphone?

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  • Superb article on N9, worth the time spent… Good job!

  • sklchan

    The N9 UI is the best around all OS, so far non of others can beat the N9 SWIPE UI.

  • yuu

    Well written! Thumbs up!

  • casperwinde

    quality article! keep coming on! I love N9!

  • syaruto18

    Great job on this N9’s article. You should get some intensives from Nokia.

  • Excript

    Great read. nokia would have been doing so much better if that Elop CEO didn’t appear.

  • Simon Low

    Indeed Nokia N9 is the most under-rated smartphone in the market. It is infact the best smartphone in the market.
    I’m a Nokia N9 owner and fan. It maybe a dated phone but it still beats most of the newer Android phones and still impressed iPhone users.
    It even can double boot into android!
    Btw, great article to remind Stephen Elop that he miss a good boat!

  • laughing


    this is 2013 or 2011??

    wtf???? move forward ppl. move forward.

    • Simon Low

      Yo Friend,
      We are moving forward with N9. Only others are catching up. If you actually follow the phone is trend you’ll notice that RIM latest OS is full gesture type like N9, Ubuntu phone is also similar. Jolla Sailfish also. If you look at Win 8, guess where their UK come from?
      So, pls don’t wtf us. N9 and meego is the pioneer of many things you maybe using in your current or future phone.
      You should be say “wtf, why I using my exsisting phone? Should have bought N9”
      Cheers! BTW, mind your language.

      • lala

        as usual, nokia fanboy are super defensive.


        wtf, 28 replies,i’m the only non fanboy. i better get going now.

        i think the next article might be 3310 or 3210. facepalm.

      • mislatero

        BB10 is webOS wakeup!!
        webOS is the firts cellphone with gestures and multitasking

    • Simon Low

      🙂 pardon my typo:

  • dawja5215

    High quality article. Well written! Just the facts that people should know.

  • Jxsonl

    Proud owner of N9 here

  • N9

    I’m still using it, and I could get any phone I want for free.

  • The deal breaker is that N9’s hardware is not capable to decode h.264 videos.

  • Mariusmssj

    Great read, really enjoyed it. And I do agree there is no other phone like N9 it’s once of a kind. I’m still using mine as my daily phone using anything else feels like a downgrade.

  • Ottoaari

    There has not been anything even close to the Swipe after it was released. I am sorry if Nokia and Jolla couldn´t agree of using it in JOlla phones. I also wait that after some time (when Nokias and MS´s joint is in the point where Nokia is allowed to do other business too) Nokia will by the whole Jolla back.

    • Chris

      Wake up Jolla’s sailfish UI is the Swype UI, improved and extended !
      Still N9 user.

      • James

        Swipe not Swype, the latter is a virtual keyboard, Nokia always referred to it as Swipe or SwipeUX

  • Kaacz

    Yesterday Canonical revealed Ubuntu phone. Debian + QT/QML + Swipe !!! Harmattan succesor via Canonical ? 🙂

  • N9

    Since when N9 is generating Nokia revenue?

  • SJ Chua

    great article here, as a proud owner of N9, reading this article makes me think back even more n reflect on my decision to jump into a “dead” OS coz its simply so out of this world back then that i told myself i could love with all the imperfection, nevertheless Lumia series are getting better n better as time passes but the decision to kill off meego would go down as one of Nokia’s most controversial decision in history. say IF meego still remains to day, i’m sure we would see things like Nokia Meego Pureview 808!! XD

    • dansus

      The N8 was originally destined to run Maemo.

  • ron

    I used Nokia N9 for about 6 months.
    Well, the UI is good looking and easy to use, but to tell the truth, it is slow, and has several critical bugs.
    We didn’t have whatsapp. Battery sucked.

    • lala

      dont be a combo breaker, you must praise how much you love this phone.

      this is the trend in and forum.

      u must not tell the truth!

    • I actually agree with you on the bugs, but if I may ask, may I know when did you use the phone? PR1.3 fixed many of the bugs, as well as improved overall performance (of course, still nowhere near the performance of today’s dual and quad-core world). Also, community tweaks such as FasterN9 and N9QTweak were very powerful tools as well. And, there’s been a community port of the messaging service you mentioned for the past six months or so.

    • gavrilo

      yes ,we have whatsapp with all updates

  • Dennis

    Awesome article, N9 is best phone ever, even if I use another phone I intuitively make futile swipes :p

    BTW I am a proud owner of N9 still love it!

    • The N9 was certainly good, but certainly not the best (that may be where the charm lies). If Nokia had stuck to its guns and continued its work on MeeGo, they might very well have created something of similar impact to 2007’s iPhone.

  • Ch.Saqib

    Great article. Its more than 14 months I am using N9. None other phone has impressed me yet. Even I am wondering what Jolla will brought in the market. But whatever device I am gonna buy this year N9 will remain with me

    • Thank you! I recognize your handle from your comments on the GSMarena N9 page – you’ve definitely helped a lot of users there 🙂

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  • Izuan

    Great article on the N9. I see so many Malaysian N9 lovers here on the forum but have only seen the N9 once in the wild. Oct ’11, I went round the malls looking for a replacement phone. Ŵent to see new N9. Then went to see the new BB. Went to see the iPhone 4S. Then went straight back and immediately bought the N9. The N9 made the others so uninteresting. 6 month down, gave my Magenta N9 to the missus. And bought myself a Black 64Gb. Hehe. Outdated? Not quite yet. Thanks for the giving us this article, Tun Yau!

    • Your wife might just be the only owner of the Magenta N9 here. I’ve actually not seen any magenta N9 in the wild – though not as rare as the glossy white version!

  • I love the Nokia N9!
    Great article. Hope that some people can bring the Swipe UI back to life in the near future.

    • Many share the same sentiment as you do, but it is very unlikely that it will happen. Swipe UI belongs to Nokia, and for as long as they are going down the Windows Phone path, it is unlikely that Nokia will release the code for it.

      • James

        So what?
        Most of the concepts used in the SwipeUX are generic & can easily be reused without Nokia having a leg to stand on with regards to claims of “copying”.
        Most of the supposed “new concepts” in SwipeUX came from WebOS & other platforms.
        It was the way it it was all tied together so neatly/consistently that made it “feel” so great overall.
        Sailfish(Jolla) can achieve that too, whilst bringing many new unique or borrowed UX paradigms.

  • BAReFOOt

    > Swipe UI remains Nokia’s intellectual property

    Are you saying they support organized crime, and you think that’s just normal any OK??

    Imaginary property = artificial scarcity + a monopoly + a protection racket = major crime + major crime + major crime.

    And you just showed that you are OK with that. Harming and insulting all creative people on the planet *ever*.

    FLYINGSPAGHETTIMONSTER you. You disgust me. I wish you pain and suffering that you brought upon yourself! Go die in a hole.

    Editors Note: Now now… Watch your language 😉

  • Zell Wong

    Nokia N9 is definitely my best choice 🙂 Would not change to any other phone after using the N9. Andriod just doesn’t feel so user friendly compare to Meego 😛 Hope Jolla will come out soon and we can use it on N9! The community supported a lot of apps and Wazapp(Whatsapp on N9) is a good example 🙂

    • The community is insane. For a platform that has been abandoned, I’ve never seen such dedication. The Maemo forums is still buzzing.

      …And wazapp is the community’s big secret 😉

    • James

      They’ve made it very clear that they’re not supporting the N9, nor should they have to, that’s Nokia’s problem.
      Buy their phone if you want to use Jolla’s flavor of Sailfish…

      They’ll make it as easy as possible (within reason) for the community to port Sailfish (probably not their flavor) to the N9.
      But it’s unlikely that it’ll ever run 100% perfectly, as some of the lowest lvl sw is & remains closed.

      • Agreed. Just like Android on the N9, Sailfish on the N9 will not be optimized, and is bound to contain bugs.

  • Melli

    I love my N9….

  • Kira

    nice article.makes me wanna try meego after years with android.

  • Kook

    Palm website Imo had the best ui and multitasking… Nokia was following..

  • Hunter

    After reading this, tempted to try the N9. Missed out on the N9 offered for FREE from Digi a few weeks back, the N9 was sold out just one day after the offer started on Digi’s website.

    • I was there on the day of the launch, spoke to some of the staff, and was told that many came and bought the N9 on the 24th. That was pretty unfair for those who came away disappointed on the 25th, the actual day of the promo.

  • KevinTYK

    Great article Pang!! N9 was definitely one of the best phones in the past

  • Great Article. Nokia should be ashamed of themselves for killing “The Goose that laid golden eggs” in favour of “The wolf in sheeps clothing”.

  • saggy

    as usual, when you make a deal with M$, prepare to become dust on some stripper’s back.

    remember corel linux?

  • dansus

    When i get some extra cash, im going to try an find a white one to go with my black N9.

    UI is perfect for me, Sailfish UI doesnt evoke the same passion. I cry a little over what could have been every time i read an article like this. BB10 looks like where im heading next..

    • The white N9 is one of the rarest consumer smartphones out there. I’m not even sure if it made it to Asia.

      If you find one, I salute you 😀

  • I bought an N9 just a few weeks ago, since I got interested in Sailfish OS and Mer – it’s the best phone I’ve owned so far, beautiful design, UI and general experience. Will be good to see Jolla and Mer / Nemo Mobile continue the Maemo/MeeGo tradition this year.

  • Fantastic article well done . I hope Nokia would again take in the Jolla team and start manufacturing N9 .

  • Harald N

    Great article and a very good read
    I’m an N9 owner and still find no phones on the market that makes me want to replace the N9.

    The swipe UI makes Android look old and outdated…

  • Tams

    I honestly think that if Nokia had stuck with Maemo/Meego and Symbian that they would be doing better than the currently are.

    The N9 is a great phone that some very interesting ideas. I never owned one myself as no microSD card and no user replaceable battery, along with a mediocre camera put me off. Still it looked fantastic.

    If Nokia had spent the last year and a half improving the above two OSes, both of which despite things have significantly improved anyway; rather than treading water with WP7 and wasting time redoing lots of thongs for WP, I think they would have been better off.

  • Andrekua2

    N9 under-rated? Please, it has to go down in the history as the best hyped Nokia smartphone ever.

    Yes, the swiping UI is fresh and so thats it about it. What else is new? The hardware is dated during its launching, and it was merely saved by its elegent and unique manufacturing process.

    I was so disappointed with it when I tested it at a Nokia Rangers event. Wanna know what they did to impress me? Throw their N9 on desk, floor and I have to say I’m damn impressed with that. Looking back, I understand why they did that because its so bad until you feel like smashing it.

    • There was a reason why the N9 is, as you say, the best hyped Nokia smartphone: it deserved it. Not because the N9 was the best phone in the world, but because of the fresh and brave approach that Nokia was heading with the N9 and the MeeGo platform.

      More than anything, the N9 shows the potential that can the MeeGo platform can achieve. It was no surprise that many inside Nokia believed that the N9 was the iPhone moment for Nokia.

  • Cemal

    I bought my Nokia N9 a year ago, notwithstanding all kinds of snide and sarcastic remarks and reviews. It turned out to be one of the best decisions of my life. People say: “Nokia N9 ? Poor applications, dead operation system, blah, blah…”

    All this evaporates once you begin playing with the toy. It is the simplest, sexiest and most user friendly phone. Period…

    All my friends have iPhones and Samsung Galaxy S II or IIIs. They paid a fortune to buy them. Nonsense !

    I am not interested in billions of “fart-apps” or silly games !

    What I need is a ligtning fast, stable, reliable, sturdy, user-friendly smartphone with all the high quality applications and social networks built in.

    Moreover, Nokia N9 has a lovely “swipe” action. No other smartphone has it.

    It is a pure joy to use this phone. You can easily customise it too.

    All in all, I’m a satisfied customer and I wholeheartedly recommend it.

    Don’t be distracted by what others say. Follow your heart 🙂

    You won’t regret it at all…

    • eksk

      never played around with the n9, but everything you’ve described sound like webos. down to the dead OS..

  • axl

    nokia.. plz die already..

  • cMavY

    Proud owner of a black N9 and awesome community that still supports and provide awesome useful apps. There were FREE N9 given out? Oh man, if I knew that I would have gone and gotten a couple more, this is one of the greatest hp + software combo that Nokia had created but too bad, they abandon it before it was born. Agreed that it does not have the best of everything, but back when it was launched, it was a gem as it does not need quadcore + 5″ screen with mega battery to wow its audiences. Now definitely dated but for those not chasing after the latest and greatest app, this plucky ‘abandoned step child’ of a smartphone can still reckon on for a couple more years!!!

  • Rizzal

    I really agreed with all of you, when the time i saw n9 advertisment …i straight away book this lovely phone. It was very-very elegant phone for ever. Beside the UI or hardware, i really love this phone. Even im using ip4, S3 it does not same as n9. Nokia suppose look back on their strategies , as you guys have done best effort on it, WHY it become DEAD……bear in mind, you still got million of followers outside which still hope on you. DO SOMTHING!!!!!!

  • Nick

    I still have my white n9. Although I am using iPhone 5 now (just because of better camera, more apps & sync I need), I must admit that N9 is a love affair.

    One of sexiest and sleekest phone around. Brilliant.

  • Shaq

    For wht nokia did to the N9, thy shud go down the drain …

  • N9 was filled with so much of potential, but alas it was abandoned by Nokia just like that…

  • RR

    The N9… its like an Alfa Romeo. It always breaks at some point but you forgive it for the pleasure it delivers when you look and drive one.

    • seb

      100% agree with that comparison 🙂

  • Eyad Usef,

    I have N9 and Samsung too but the Nokia N9 is the best its even better than the I phone but regarding the rumor of N9 Mini i loved it hope its true,

    Best to Nokia,

  • akuma

    if you have one… you are happy and can’t let it go!!
    if you don’t have one… you get impressed, amazed, and then slight jealously 😉

  • Marc

    Say what you guys wanna say but N9 is one of Nokia’s breakthrough in history and one of it’s biggest mistake of letting it slip. N9 is one of the most beautiful in terms of design and it’s all swype. The author of this article is right… N9 marks the beginning of Lumia phones it’s design has been adopted even in their current flagship unit Nokia Lumia 920. Go N9! 🙂

    Proud Nokia N9 Owner

  • aj

    I’ve just bought the N9 yesterday, and I’m so impressed, it has everything I need, it’s pure and simple, I love it! It’s 2 years old but the MeeGo OS design outperform iOS and Android, and I won’t write about windows phone 8 because it’s a waste of time…
    Nokia has failed a lot, they didn’t trust and belive MeeGo programers, so this was a big mistake, I belive if they would not quit the MeeGo program today they will be side by side with android and iOS, but with windows they fall even lower!!! What a shame for MeeGo and such a potential… Nokia where do you have eyes? :O

  • Felix

    I have N9 is it possible to add in some application into store such as Wechat & Viber in order to access to other different os phone system.

  • SJ

    Ok, I can’t take it anymore. Going to get me a N9!

    Have wanted one ever since but never actually got it. Thanks for reminding me of the awesomeness that is the Nokia N9. Truly great article!

  • TJS

    Bought an N9 64GB and thought it was amazing, and I still think the OS is very hard to beat. The issue is that the hardware on which it was built hasn’t kept up to speed, and while I love the device, its shortcomings are more and more obvious. I moved to a Lumia 920 because it retained the hardware look and feel, but was a whole lot faster, and the Windows Phone 8 UI actually does work. Do I miss Swipe? Yes. Sadly I’ve had to get the 920 fixed due to damage and have had to revert back to the N9, and by love affair was irretrievably broken. While the OS is lovely, it is slow to do anything now, being two year old hardware and using it online like I did my 920 was a terrible experience.

    I really hope that we will see Swipe UI properly revived and restored by Nokia. It is a fantastic way to interact with a phone, but I am not hopeful. If only there had been an N10 with 920 hardware. I think it would have been unbeatable.

  • George

    I’ve had an N9 for about a year and a half now and the only thing that pisses me off is the inability to find a newer phone worthy enough of replacing it…

  • are you

    meego is the best software at all…………….. I want meego software on my nokia 808 pv.

  • Me9

    I’m the owner of a 32GB Lumia 920 – I’ve been using it for about 6 months, and absolutely love the design. I recently obtained a 64GB N9, and must say that the Meego OS is still way ahead of the current competition in terms of usability and style. I reckon the closest sibling to the Meego OS would be BB10, but BlackBerry has been struggling to sell their BB10 devices worldwide. In my opinion, the N9 hits the sweet spot in terms of size and pocketability. I do hope Nokia will continue innovating with the Fabula design concept. Even now, people around me regularly comment that the N9/920 looks superb. And these are people who use iPhones and Samsungs (the two predominant brands in Singapore). I personally feel Nokia should revive Meego and perhaps use it to replace the Symbian OS (End Of Life in 2016) in their lower-end range of phones. Then, if Windows Phone doesn’t save their business, they can fall back to Meego after their Windows Phone contract ends in 2015 (I think).

  • isaac

    does N9 use android applications ?

  • ali

    i love it, and thnks god.

  • abin

    i love it n9 is the best


    N9 is the best. I LOVE MY BLACK !!! I used BB n Android Os bt I found out that N9 do meet all operations i want from a smartphone n it uses less broadband bundles while it is faster. Go MEEGO Go!!! I salute N9

  • Jason

    I did think about picking up one of this for just RM400 on ebay but nokia has stopped all support. Oh well, windows phone it is

    • Funny seeing this comment just one day after I looked up the price of the N9 in the forums.

      I would buy one for keeps…if I didn’t already have two! XD

  • sara

    How to download wechat nokia n9 ?

  • Will

    if only nokia could come back again… :'( i miss using my n9 that i still have, but instead i bought a xperia Z… it’s good, but… (N9)it’s not the hard or software, it’s the apps, always digging through the selection of tool apps, games, program apps… even now some apps is disappearing! and i don’t want to lose the apps that i already have. the phone is only getting older but, it’s the apps store that is dying.
    i have been a nokia user for 12 years, i have used the xperia one year now, and starting to regret not using it now…

  • rose

    why if i take a photo i can’t not show to my gallery?

  • Hazierul Harun

    got mine new N9 yesterday..yes it is 2014..but im so glad to own this phone..because N9 Design + Hardware + Meego = Awesome.. To be honest..this OS seems to be best OS on the market atm..eventhough it was released like 3 years ago..Sexy design of N9 is undefeatable by none..
    proud N9 lucky to own it this year..

  • legendster

    Be it the N9 or the Belle on the N8 or the .. wait for it .. LEGENDARY 808. Nokia was a ship that was sinking mainly because how poor their symbian OS performed in the past. The quality of apps made the old symbian really pathetic BUT if only they didnt give up on symbian and continued with Belle and Meego being their flag bearers then Nokia could have regained a strong foothold.

    Microsoft took advantage of a really good opportunity, they’re cunning that way. They took over skype and sent a trojan horse inside Nokia, which result in Nokia adopting Windows as their new OS and letting Microsoft get a piece of the pie that andriod & ios developers have been enjoying for a while.

    The real losers end up being the millions of N8 / N9 / 808 users. Thank goodness they cancelled the X600 (not the X6) just before the day of it’s release else the number of these uncatered consumer base would have skyrocketed now.

  • seb

    Definitively the Best smartphone ( still own it ..them as i have one black 64G and one White version 64G too) among all the others i have .. UI friendly to use ( swipe ..), 3.9 inches screen size which is perfect for me , and glance … largely enough to make me happy