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LTE Is Here: Maxis Officially Announced LTE In Selected Parts of Klang Valley

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  • starbug

    service providers should stop advertising false promises on the internet speed. “up to” so and so Mbps is most of the times less than 10% of the advertised speed, while some ppl struggling to find a spot in their houses where they can even open google’s search page. 3g broadband is suppose to be “up to” 42MBps. anyone ever get even 4.2Mbps? I was Maxis One Club member for over 5 years, with 2 lines and a broadband. only once i get more 1Mbps on their services. and Maxis was the best ive ever tested out of all service providers in KL. “was”.

    why cant they just advertise the actual average speed?

    the LTE no doubt will be faster than what we have now. and i doubt that after 3 months, you can get more than 20%. and thats even if you can get a stable connection. the end user’s service agreement should protect the users more as currently it is meant for protecting the service provider’s businesses.

    • loki

      bro, blame nobody, blame your usb modem pls.

      your usb modem is up to 7.2mbps. thus u maximum can get 3++ mbps.

      u need a modem that can go 21mbps or 42 mbps.

      about rm200 each.

    • xproc

      To all;

      1 Mbps = 128 kilobytes / second
      1 Mbps = 0.125 megabytes / second

      7.2 Mbps = 0.9 MB/s
      42 Mbps = 5.25 MB/s

    • lenyek penyek

      There was a time when I got download speed of 2.5MBPS = 20Mbps

      and this is by Maxis.

      please, make some research, and check your hardware and coverage before raging here and there. 🙂

  • It Launched macam tak launch……

    2600MHz LTE……those hottest smartphone is NOT SUPPORT tis bandwidth!……

    only few smartphone supported & those supported smartphone is NOT Popular at all!….

    Nokia Lumia= FAINT!

    • Techtonic

      Well then its about time you realize that popular doesn’t = better. It’s not Maxis’ fault that Malaysians want to pay more for over-priced, under-featured garbage like the iPhone 5.

      • Not an applefag

        Someone’s severely butthurt.

      • loki

        iphone hater is like proton supporter.


        u hate it because its expensive, u love it because its cheap.


      • John

        Jezzz Loki! YOu like it because it is expensive? What a sheepppppp!

    • Kelvin

      Why you faint with Nokia Lumia? It is a great phone. Call your Apple and Samsung to come out phone to support it la.

    • wayne

      i simply just wanna ask you 1 question, have you try window phone before you made above statement? i’m using 3 different mobile operating system, window phone is not bad at all.

      • ikol

        copy cat is always not bad, unless they are blind and cannot copy properly.

  • maxSHiTs

    oh not maxis please.. couldn’t imagine the constant bill shock of maximum rm250 everytime the quota is reached. maxSiCKs.

    maxis reminds me of apple a lot.

    apple = overpriced, exclusive, popular, classy, offers much less at a high price

    maxis = overpriced, exclusive, popular, classy, offers much less at a high price

    apple = highest revenue from iProducts

    maxis = highest revenue among other local telco

    even axiata that owns multiple carriers over multiple countries only triumph maxis by a very little margin. this last statement might be wrong coz i forgot the souce ady, so correct me if so.

    • Usuck

      Check ur facts first before commenting shit.for those on 1gb above plan, u may continue to surf without additional charges at lower speed.

  • Lamusiqa

    Hold on.. Are you telling me that Maxis, a prominent telco in Malaysia that sells iPhone 5, just launched a LTE service that DOES NOT work with arguably one of the most important devices to drive 4G LTE?

    … What the flim-flam?

    • Because iPhone 5 technically doesn’t support 2600MHz band which is Malaysia’s LTE spectrum band. So, in theory, it is not only Maxis that are facing this…it applies to all telcos in Malaysia as well.

      • Zamri

        Quit complaining. Get truly global phone like Nokia if you insist. Apple only cater for American consumers. Support them, just stick to 3g will ya?

      • Lamusiqa

        … Doesn’t this mean that all iPhone 5 owners in Malaysia who bought it for the promise of LTE are screwed? How come all the telcos did not take the LTE spectrum into consideration when they ordered the iPhone 5? Was the spectrum not known to them?

        • I personally didn’t know anyone that bought iPhone 5 (or any phone/tablet, in fact) with the intention of using it on LTE but here’s the thing: when iPhone 5 was launched, the telco has yet to announced their actual LTE plans. So, if you purchased your iPhone 5 in anticipation for a yet-to-be confirmed infrastructure, I’m sorry that I’ve to point out how risky that move was.

          On another hand, the LTE spectrum is ultimately decided by government and they actually have made it known to everyone a while ago.

      • Techtonic

        LOL… Ask an iPhone user if they bought it for LTE, the likely response would be “Duhh.. LTE? What’s that?”

      • Anony

        not necessarily it won’t work. 2600 is the main band but if i’m not mistaken there’s a secondary band that will be used as well which should be the same as Singapore’s band. 1800 was it? need to wait for confirmation though. if yes then ip5 can use lte. muahaha

        Copy and paste
        LTE Frequency band:
        For Malaysia, LTE band will be running at:

        a) 2600MHz (main band, confirmed)
        b) 1800MHz (supplemantary band to be confirmed later time but this appeared in newspaper biz section)

        • Ah, looks like you have found the LTE thread in our forums. 😀
          Well, we’ve read that too but so far we haven’t heard anything from MCMC about 1800MHz spectrum. Right now, 2600MHz is where the action going to be.

  • kie

    how about the it good as galaxy note2