Hits, Misses and Oddities: A Brief Look At MCMC-Approved Youth Communication Package Devices Pt. 1 - Lowyat.NET

Hits, Misses and Oddities: A Brief Look At MCMC-Approved Youth Communication Package Devices Pt. 1

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  • tunetalk offer blackberry torch 9800 under this scheme…

    • That’s true indeed but as mentioned early on, the focus on this feature is that initial list of approved devices that MCMC published few days ago. 🙂

    • Ah, somehow the BlackBerry Torch has been removed from the list when I checked the list today. That’s weird.

  • Yes 4G offer Yes Buzz FOC, with only need to pay RM50 registration fee to kick-start!

    Anyway, Buzz phone is outdated for today youngsters. 🙂

    • I wouldn’t call it as far as outdated because feature phone still has its place in the market. The issue is that putting the Buzz in the same league as smartphone when it is not.

  • Rompo

    What do you mean ” Curve 9220 and Curve 9320 that were released into the market earlier THIS YEAR”? hehe

    • Ah, my bad. Didn’t realized we already in 2013. Woopsie doodie. xD

  • lakl

    rm500 is not a smart phone, its a stupid phone.

  • kaihnsn

    I think you got it wrong about Alcatel especially 993D model. It is the best in the list spec wise compare to the others. The problem is Alcatel brand itself. It like Siemens. So old. You can buy Alcatel 993D from lazada.com.my here http://www.lazada.com.my/shop-mobiles-tablets/shop-mobiles/alcatel/ for RM699.

    • I would say Ninetology Black Pearl II slightly (on paper, that is) edges the Alcatel 993D by having a dual-core 1GHz CPU as compared to 993D’s single-core CPU. On another hand, I didn’t say that the Alcatels are bad, just that I felt it is really odd that all the listed models were those that are not officially released in Malaysia according to Alcatel OneTouch’s site. Additionally, Youth Communication Package’s smartphones can only be obtained from authorized/participating dealers and I doubt Lazada is one of them. Correct me if I’m wrong though.

  • hfz n

    Does anyone know which telco offers Lumia 610?

    • Good question. I’ve yet to see the device being offered by any of the telcos so far.

  • starbug

    the list is a result of a draw. or maybe they used dices.