Review: LG Optimus G Pro

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  1. zenith says:

    being a user of g pro, i do find that the main problem is the software. UI is not to my liking, and its not updated. i go for CM11 instead, for a better experience.

  2. Badboy says:

    Over rated phone

  3. Simon Choi says:

    Odd that, for a company that manufactures the Nexus range of devices for Google itself, you would have them on top of the update list. More so when the device in question is at near the top of the range flagship range of devices from the company. Purposeful crippling of the devices to avoid eating into Google’s share?

  4. lalala says:

    problem is, note 3 is now at rm1999

  5. Hola says:

    the problem is , g2 is now at 1799 . The best from LG .

  6. Copper David says:

    Does this phone sold in Malaysia comes with 2 new batteries?

  7. Copper David says:

    Today I checked the price is RM1350 that comes with free screen protector and original LG fold case.

  8. Copper David says:

    Will Optimus G Pro get KiKat 4.4.2?

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