Toshiba Encore: The Latest Intel Bay Trail Windows 8.1 Tablet In Malaysia, Heading To Stores Soon

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  1. mosar says:

    RM1499? that can’t be right..

  2. Alex says:

    It’s not worth that money… I rather buy ipad.

  3. dothan says:

    Price seems a bit steep if compared against Acer Iconia W4. But 32G vs 64G storage plus toshiba build quality won’t go wrong…

    1. toroto says:

      Pls get the facts right. Acer Iconia W4 also has 64GB. With RM1499 u only buy the Toshiba brand which isn’t justifiable with its market share. Furthermore, Acer also not bad after all.

  4. yutaku says:

    dont dare to try, since it made by toshiba

  5. e1 says:

    …from the picture, seems a bit thick compared with its Android tablet. Anyhow, if it is Japan products, the quality is there.

  6. lionking says:

    Overpriced. Will Dell Venue Pro 8 come to Malaysia?

    1. lionking: No official indication from Dell Malaysia so far.

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