We Have No Agreement With Apple: The Reason U Mobile LTE Doesn’t Support iPhone and iPad

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  1. John VishGaN says:

    But if you look at the LTE carrier support for iPhone 5C, iPhone 5S and iPad Mini with Retina Display, all these devices support 2600MHz band which U Mobile is using.

    Ref –
    Ref –

    Only iPad Air (and previous gen iPad, iPad Mini and iPhone 5) doesn’t support 2600MHz band.

    Please confirm.

    1. John VishGaN: I’ve pointed all of those in the article.

  2. Cal says:

    What is the meaning of this? So did U-Mobile made any sort of agreement with Samsung, HTC, Sony, Nokia, Motorola then? What about those China phones that support LTE?

    It looks to me like they deliberately blocked Apple devices. Is it because Apple did not let you sell iPhones on your network?

    Oh well, I’ll be sure to avoid having U-Mobile every now and then. Thank you U-Mobile.

  3. TipUMobile says:

    Then 4G For All is misleading. How can we make a complaint?

  4. John VishGaN says:

    @Chapree, yes but what has the band got to do with agreement with Apple? If 2600MHz is supported by the phone, then LTE can be used, right? iPhone 5S, iPhone 5C and iPad Mini with Retina Display supports band 2600MHz (ref given above).

    U Mobile’s claim doesn’t seem to be right….please correct me if I am missing something up there.

  5. Sean says:

    Simple – you need to have some agreement with Apple – for Apple to push the setting to your phone (Go to Setting -> About -> Carrier Version). Since Umobile do not have agreement with Apple, this will never get activated .. 🙁

    1. eVasion says:

      If its carrier setting, I believe there is a software that can push custom carrier setting in the form of certs/profile, something called Iphone config utility if not mistaken. Maybe that will work.

  6. ShehzR says:

    Maxis, Celcom and digi have the same band and freq. I didn’t hear any special agreement with apple to allow usage of their devices. This information from u-mobile looks half baked.

    1. Bataman says:

      You really are ignorant….Maxis, DIGI, Celcom are all selling Apple products with contract…means they have business agreement with Apple. You really don’t know the way Apple runs a business….they are like techno-Nazi…it’s their way or the highway.

      If Apple says one button is good enough, you don’t question!!!! (well, until they breaks and creates a virtual button…which is good enough, so don’t question!)

  7. As per what Sean pointed out above.

  8. Matchy says:

    Apple need an agreement with them then only they will provide LTE for customer with Apple devices?

  9. David Lee says:

    I remember reading somewhere that Apple phones are a bit strange- they will only connect to a LTE network after a software update. It’s as if they won’t let the 4G provider push the settings to the phone but insist on pushing the settings to the phones themselves.

    Found it:

    “Chief among the new features is 4G LTE support for more carriers”

    Maybe that’s why- the radio part of an iDevice is just shoddily coded or only coded to confirm to US standards (where the phones are certainly simlocked) and not international standards which states that the provider can push settings to the phone as needed.

  10. Lance says:

    I totally understand why. I myself wouldn’t even want to have anything to do with Apple iDevices.

  11. ricky says:

    BRAVO! Good decision by U-Mobile for not approving LTE on all Apple phones / tablets. Hope they learn their lesson and don’t be too arrogant and hypocrite again in the future. 2 thumbs up to U-Mobile, have been your loyal customer for 1 year now, so far so good, keep it up!

  12. ArticFir3 says:

    Apple being arrogant. Bravo U-Mobile for making the right moves. Let’s show them not everyone will bow to corporate pressures.

  13. Seerub Sama says:

    rather than providing 4G LTE, why don’t improving the 3G/HSPA coverage instead. its hard just to get constant 3G coverage especially countryside.

  14. Zamri says:

    Just like a “minister” was quoted “if don’t want to use ….., dont use …..”. Uh btw, I kind of support Umobile to stand up against Apple. But people do have a choice, you have other telco that you can go with if you need to, OR get LTE Mifi 🙂

  15. Zam says:

    Although I’m working with other major telco company, gotta admit that I still keep my Umobile account for the sake of very cheap rate when SMS to my Umobile’s friend and their 3g speed is very fast. I use a Lumia 920, with HSPA+ it can go up to 11Mbps d/link and the coverage is quite good too in my case. Btw, Kudos for not bowing to Apple’s demand 🙂

  16. Shamsul says:

    felt good after getting rid of 5S for Note 3. good job U-Mobile !!! dont give face to Apple, haha!

  17. Peter says:

    Just want to share with puzzled people on this issue.
    Myth 1:
    If Apple uses 2600MHz LTE & my phone hardware supported it, then I’d be able to use LTE.
    Wrong. Your phone is controlled by software called Operating System (i.e iOS fr Apple). Apple is very strict in managing authorized vendors/telco, unlike Android. They could disable something that’s already working & that’s why many people jail-break iPhones.

    Myth 2:
    I don find this problem with Samsung Galaxy, Sony Xperia etc. So it must be Umobile’s fault in preventing iPhone using this LTE band without mentioning it.
    Telco like AT&T, Verizon … Maxis/Digi etc. can customized the OS (iOS, Android etc.) to enforce their policy like band selection, contractual lock … interface changes. So far, Apple is the one that enforces only selected/authorized telco able to use LTE. They’ve their commercial reasons behind whether you agree or not.

    One thing that the public puzzled over this issue is they don know much on smartphone & the industry news but just taking granted by simple comparison of 1 brand over another. This yield serious consequence from buying wrong service/phone to unattended complaints.

    Remember that customer services of any vendor won bother to tell you why is it so & the story behind. It’s your responsibility to know enough before engaging any product.

    1. Zamri says:

      Agreed with Peter.

      This is not totally Umobile to be blamed.

      There is pros and cons on why Apple put the control in place, beside the fee (cough cough), they want to ensure the security in place.

      So instead barking the wrong tree, dont make the judgement without getting details. Why not change to Android 🙂 if you cannot accept this.

  18. teddy0ryan says:

    apple fanboys can SUCK freakin hoo!

  19. zim says:

    but this lte version still can use normal umobile 3g network right? like im using umobile 3g on my iphone 3gs..

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