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Microsoft Disses Apple, Samsung and Google in its Latest Series of Ads

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  • Choong

    Too bad MS, your tablet also suck, nobody want also!

  • Human

    I think the title for last video is pretty misleading.

    I didn’t see any ipad in the video.

    • hohoho

      its an iPad alright. he says thats the tablet is thinner that pencil. You’ve got to know they are referring to an iPad

    • Human

      I never know the so called “thinner than a pen” claimed are exclusive to iPad?

      Also, if you take a clearer look, it is pretty clear that the tab ain’t an iPad.

  • sure they will overcome all these issues, just the time matters.

    • 2099

      Ya. Maybe in 2099. Lolz

  • Tsuki91

    Well, at least MS did show something other corporate company’s generic unworthy & overpriced tablets (including the so-called chromebook) did not have.

  • Lolo

    Just makes MS look like sour grapes. After all the iterations, still have no clue what the majority of consumers for tablets want.

  • CY LOK

    Dont know much about Chromebook but if u are talking about Ipad or Android Tablet, I believe M$ make the worse tablet, yes it is very powerful and lots of pc function, but if i would like to do all the pc work on my tablet i might as well used my Laptop or PC. Tablet is for casual reading and browsing,

  • ms is bullshit

    nice try idiots, if the only thing more stupid that this ad is your products

  • Maverick2091

    You know, I don’t think Msft products are ALL bad, their products aren’t made for idiots, that’s why most people don’t like them.

    I like the Surface Pro, its a great concept in my opinion, a full-PC in a tablet body. Sure, if you want a light, portable tablet just to visit webpages and watch Youtube, then it’s not rational, but I think with a few more iterations, they might make it lighter, and slimmer, that’s the ticket.

    I currently use Linux, and I’m slowly building my SteamBox.. what do you use? 😉

  • Fake999

    No Apps ? No thanks .

    • Sliqdice

      This is so true. Hahaha.
      Consumers will buy tablets that have lots of apps support. So basically MS is already out of the race…

  • e1

    …actually, Microsoft has produced very good software and hardware through decades. I have just updated iPad Mini iOS, under its WIFI setting, it seems cannot find hidden SSID, thus unable to connect WIFI except I purposely turn on the SSID broadcast which is not that secure to me.

    May be is good to have healthy competition but Microsoft has long run history of building software, how could it be wrong on building something like Surface ?

    • what

      Um, as far as I know you simply select “Other” and enter the name/password for the network.

  • Wee

    It’s depend on your usage. For my case i need to use applications like Excel and Power Point a lot, So I go with Surface Pro, and i’m never regret. Some say no application, may i know what application that you are trying to install? On my surface pro i can install windows 7 software as well, and so far i installed Adobe CS6 Master Collection trial, SketchBook Designer without any problem.