With the “App Gap” Gone, is it Time to Acknowledge Windows Phone as the 3rd Mobile Ecosystem?

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  1. boon says:

    I believed that end of 2014, Windows Phone 8 will acquire more than 30% of mobile market.

  2. Mak hon mun says:

    Irregardless, metro UI is still brick ugly (personal opnion of course, but I think a lot will agree).

  3. Jxsonl says:

    I would agree with the argument, without the major apps, a smartphone is pointless… And I’ve used windows phone before, (it’s very good but still have room for improvement of course, actually every OS has room for improvement) but didn’t continue using because of app gap…

  4. Jay says:

    Nope its a trap! And why is the 808 there again?

  5. Maverick2091 says:

    Ubuntu Touch… 😀

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