Android 4.3 Jelly Bean Update Rolled Out to Samsung Galaxy S4 Devices in Malaysia, Adds Support for Galaxy Gear Smartwatch

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  1. Nathan says:

    My LTE S4 received 4.3 update.

  2. JKT says:

    What the hell? 4.3 for S4?
    where’s 4.3 for S3?
    damn annoyed with samsung!

    1. abuden? says:

      lol you expect samsung to update older phones before the newer ones is it?

    2. suratsiber says:

      And note 2 stuck with 4.1.2 FOREVER!!!

    3. angelios says:

      According to SamMobile: Both the S 3 and the Note 2 will receive 4.3 updates this month.

    4. Andy says:

      ehm …and what about Note 1? 😉

  3. Justin C says:

    Already received the update for a couple of days or probably a week. Can’t remember.

  4. Roy says:

    Info is incorrect. I9505 already the update almost a week now. i9500 is received the update later.
    Please correct your reporting.

  5. Red C says:

    Where’s for Note2!??

  6. Jeremy says:

    You guys are giving out wrong info.

    Malaysia S4 LTE been receiving 4.3 OTA update since 25/10/2013. S4 3G 4.3 update is just out recently.

  7. Jeremy says:

    Malaysia S4 LTE been receiving 4.3 OTA update since 25/10/2013. S4 3G 4.3 update is just out recently.

    JKT – 4.3 for S3 have just been released in Europe and should be out later for SEA S3.

  8. George says:

    Yeah got the update for I9505 almost a week back

  9. Najib says:

    S4 LTE i9505 already got the update on 24th October 2013

  10. Adrian says:

    I have a GT-i9500 (3G version) and I’ve gotten the 4.3 update a few days ago. Nothing wrong with the info on this post.

  11. cvc says:

    after upgrade 4.3v but my storage build 16gb to 8.92GB only, so disappointed

  12. San says:

    It would be great if you can share what Samsung Malaysia roll out plan for other devices are.

  13. ALFC says:

    Anyone encounter WiFi issue after upgrade to android 4.3 on S4 LTE?

  14. Al says:

    My note 2 has been updated to 4.3 OTA. No issue and runs great..just had major issue with the contact all jumbled up but lucky had a back up and sorted it out..’I’M happy and Samsung has been very generous. I will surely buy the note 4 cos it will be a totally new design and tech compared to note 3 which is a minor incremental update according to me.

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