Hands-On First Look: Surface Pro 2, The Second Generation Windows 8 Flagship Tablet From Microsoft

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  1. ernie says:

    Surface 2 release in Malaysia when surface 3 launch in US

  2. Also says:

    Is there an editor or someone who reads through the article before it gets posted? Some work needed to polish the article!

  3. hitlerable says:

    Im waiting for this so much
    Surface design for professional.
    Stable OS, very clean n smooth.
    Im student unikl n its very suitable for me to use it anywhere i wanted

  4. syuhada says:

    Can I just format and reinstall a Windows 8.1 on a surface 2? Then it become surface 2 pro.

    1. yolo says:

      U cant. The platform is different. Stop asking stupid questions

  5. Mehrdad says:

    am I able to install some Engineering design apps such as CREO in this device? or surface pro?

  6. crow says:

    It’s way cheaper to buy in Malaysia itself than to order from overseas. BUT the thing is, like what ‘ernie’ said; the release in Malaysia is when surface 3 is launched in US. =(

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