Telco Price Comparison: iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C for Maxis, Celcom and DiGi [Updated] - Lowyat.NET

Telco Price Comparison: iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C for Maxis, Celcom and DiGi [Updated]

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  • Gerald

    When I signed up iValue3 today, Maxis told me I will get additional 3GB data for 12 months. Yeah!

    • truman6

      any terms & conditions? like peak & off peak usage, etc.

    • Gerald


  • Joyce

    iPhone 5S Total Cost of ownership over 12 months Celcom First Prime mPro RM128 64GB RM2,914 ?

    • Oops! Sorry for the confusion, fixed it

  • hi

    hi, are u sure Digi’s months commitment is RM60 for iDigi88? The website it states RM88. So which is correct?

    • Hey, it’s actually the price after rebates. When you purchase the iPhones from DiGi, you’ll need to pay a pretty hefty “Upfront Payment” which will be credited back to you on a monthly basis hence I put the monthly commitment as RM60 for iDiGi 88.

    • Bentusi

      Your idigi88 5s ownership cost rm4277 is using rm88x24+2165 which excluded the rebate of rm28x24 =rm672. either you use rm88x24 +1493 or rm60x24 + 1493 + 28×24 = rm3605

  • Bentusi

    The idigi88 total cost of ownership over 24months for 5s = rm60x24 + rm2165 = rm3605?

    • Bentusi

      either you use rm88x24 +1493 or rm60 + 1493 + 672 = rm3605

    • Bentusi

      rm60x24+1493+672 = rm3605

    • OH MY! Thanks for informing, what a huge mistake. I’ll fix it now

  • clife

    Nice comparison table..tq..
    But want to suggest that it is clearer to put more detail on free calls and SMS…either it is in the same network only..or all networks..:-)

    • It’s to all networks for all of them that’s why I didn’t include onnet/offnet. I’ll tweak it now so it’s clearer, thanks for the suggestion!

  • cliffe

    It is true celcom iphone 5s madvance plan, total cost of ownership for 12 months is rm2984? not rm3214? tq man

    • It comes with rebates as well, I will append all the full information into this post later. Sorry for the confusion!!

  • halizah

    Hey,i still don’t understand the tables.I’m a celcom user,i just lost my iphone 4s,i wanna get a 5s,in the website it is stated i need to pay upfront RM418.Bow does that work? anyone who can explain in detail coz i’m very confused.Your response is very much appreciated

  • cjoenic

    digi sms rate is 10sen/min ?

  • should the total ownership of i88 be (60*24)*106%+2165 = 3691.4?

  • someone

    some info is missing, information in the table is insufficient. if we do our own calculation, we can’t get your number.

  • Post updated with correct values. Sorry for the mistake earlier!

  • omgf

    The Maxis ivalue 1 having 200 free sms to all operator?
    I thought is 1000 free sms to Maxis only?
    Anyone can clarify?

  • gary


  • coco

    Hi, now Digi is offering more valuable pricing for iphone. For eg, RM 317 for iphone5S 16GB bundle with iDigi 238; RM 965 for iphone5S 16 GB bundle with iDigi 138. Please update it, thanks.

  • Sara

    Upfront cost is just the money you pay in advance so that the Telco can ‘credit’ back to you monthly so you monthly commitment looks less but in fact you pay the full price of the plan e.g. Digi Smartplan 88, monthly 68, but with the upfront you actually pay 88 a month.
    So if you terminate the Digi contract early, upfront cost (the ‘credit’) that you already paid cannot be taken back, and need to payoff the balance of the device discount plus admin fee (100 as of now). In short, they don’t want you to terminate contract!!

  • kenix

    in conclusion, which Telco offered the best deal if i want to get a iphone 5s 16gb ?

  • syaz

    Hi thanks for the post. It’s truly helpful.
    Do u still have iphone 5s in stock? gold. the celcom centres I went to hv run out of stock, and the waiting list gosh is just too long. planning to sign up with the celcom plan. thnks