Why is Apple Malaysia Charging up to RM350 More for the New iPhone 5s?

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  1. kahyeec says:

    USD 650 x 3.3 = 2145 RM only whah. Why now so expensive the price need 2399?

    1. pakcik van says:

      @kahyeec, need to pay logistics i.e. van driver like me and overhead cost. Petrol increased already mah

    2. Frank says:

      cause malaysia currency weak ! stupid government !

    3. SSL says:

      USD 650 is without tax. After tax is about USD 710++
      710×3.3= RM2343 so… still quite close to Malaysia price.

  2. JOU says:

    Totally disagreed with this kind of Assumption. Honestly, a bit shallow if only look into technical aspect, because it can’t explain why Apple can remain their Price Consistency in many other Country It’s more likely because of the Currency Fluctuations of USD v.s. MYR in last quarter. And there is a very high chance in 2014 USD v.s. MYR will trade in 3.5. Comparing to early this year which is still around 3.0.

    1. Lucas Lau says:

      I think 3.5 is quite far since we are now at 3.15. I’m not sure currency fluctuation has anything to do with this, but i’ll investigate and see what the numbers say =)

    2. Najib says:

      model rrp date release rate
      3G 2960 11072008 3.24
      3GS 2490 19062009 3.55
      4 2290 24062010 3.24
      4S 2190 14102011 3.13
      5 2199 21092012 3.07
      5S 2399 20092013 3.16

      data taken from: http://www.xe.com/currencycharts/?from=USD&to=MYR&view=10Y

    3. Nouda says:

      The currency fluctuations make sense since the USD has been weakening whereas the MYR hasn’t changed (you can see this from MYR:SGD) due to the shutdown of the US government. Once the USD strengthens again, the MYR is gonna be screwed and Apple knows this.

  3. P2 says:

    Now Apple shall have our finger prints in their database. Damn you Apple.

  4. Andrew says:

    Doesn’t know and doesn’t care , the more expensive it goes , the higher class when user get it .

  5. makimo says:

    Because they can (charge a higher price, that is!). Doesn’t help when all these iFags queues up for a freakin’ phone, year-in-year-out. So in short, demand > supply=higher price, and vice-versa.
    Let’s see what they will charge if no one wants them Iphones…

  6. Driver says:

    The buyers still gonna buy ’em, regardless of the price increase

  7. Din says:

    Software aside, it is estimated that the TouchID components cost $7 per phone:


    There’s simply no reason at all to increase the price that high, especially when they’re no longer at a position to do so.

    1. Sheep says:

      Or so the false perception of high class. If so many ppl have it, what is still so special about it?
      Anyway, apple also richer no matter wat.

  8. MF says:

    Where’s that iSheep Lucas Lau when you need him the most? We need another “20 things that cost less” article. For sure, one thing you can buy for less than a brand new iPhone 5S, is a lifetime of iSheep articles from Lucas.

    1. Sheep says:

      In the editorial here got alot of isheep la. U don’t have to name out 1 person.

    2. Lucas Lau says:

      You called?

      I am not sure that makes sense but ok.

    3. MF says:

      Yeah you, Lucas. I’m waiting for “20 things that cost less than iPhone 5S”. You started that with the Lumia 1020, now keep it going dude. I want to be the first to contribute to that article – Lucas’ editorial integrity costs less than an iPhone 5S.

      1. Lucas Lau says:

        I’ve got the article in drafts, would you like to read it? Look forward to it this week =)

    4. Pang Tun Yau says:

      Whoa chill dude. Not sure what you’re basing this accusation from, but you do realise that as an editor, Lucas could pull the plug on this article when we pitched it, no?

    5. TinFoilHatDino says:

      I sense much anger directed towards Lucas. It sounds more personal than him just being an Apple Fanboy. Apa kes bro.

    6. truman6 says:

      you’re drunk..go sleep earlier…peoples’ own money, peoples’ choice of what they like to buy..dun bash authors/editors here…isheep pulak….can we call android fans an androiddogs? dun wan to..

    7. yappy says:

      It is true that you can use your own money to buy whatever you like. But for a public tech site, especially when an editor reflect biasses in his/her article, that is different story.

      Please do a researched on Prasad from gsmarena.com. People used to bashed him for his bias article and the big mistake is he replied to people’s comments (in a professional way, just like what you are trying to do). After a big hu-ha, now he is very neutral and ppl starts to enjoy reading his article. That is how it should be. Please, I do not what to see another Prasad 2 in the making.

  9. kahyeec says:

    @Pakcik Van : Your work @DHL gaji mati . Send things or not salary also same. Last year Apple also use DHL, FedEx but can keep @ RM2199 the price.
    If our currency grow weak then can change when it happen . I already use 3.3 already. Today exchange rate 3.1381 from XE wor.

  10. Chai says:

    I think it is because of GOVERNMENT TAX!!

    1. kzm says:

      current tax for videophone (fr kastam database) is 10% sales tax..wait next yr la 4% reduction

  11. Lmf says:

    Where got gov tax ?? Just buy it if u like it. The most expensive smart phone , feel great ha ! Enjoy ….

  12. Daniel says:

    It’s simple, if they don’t price up the 5S, how the hell are they gonna price the 5C?

    1. denial says:

      @daniel. you got it right.

  13. lang says:

    Don’t be such ifag. This phone not worth to buy outdated in many ways. On got finger print meh!

  14. Kesper says:

    No way Touch ID is the reason behind the price hike. Like one JOU above said, it’s a shallow assumption as prices are maintained in many other countries. The only probable reason Apple Malaysia hiked the price is because…….they can.

  15. Phuah says:

    Obviously 5S price hike is due to the fact of strategic marketing to ensure that there is a huge difference between 5S and 5C. Now you can have a much more premium feeling when purchasing 5S compare to 5C.

  16. Peterc says:

    I thinks it is the currency issue. Apple have also raise the price of Mac recently. Take for example, base model iMac 2012 cost RM3999. iMac 2013 costs RM4299.00.

  17. Freddie says:

    Ya whatever, everyone is paying attention on something even more aticipated like Note III, Lumia 1520, G2, Xperia Z1 and One Max, nobody got time for this piece of over-priced phone, and damn its not even a smartphone, many things my old Symbian Nokia able to perform but cannot be done on iphone, who named it as smartphone in the first place?

  18. lkkf says:

    Now, where is the “40 things that cost less than iPhone 5S” some one promised to write?

    1. 55 says:

      Its suppose to be “55 things that cost less that iPhone 5S” since 55 near to the 5S. Just an idea. Please make it, lowyat.net. LOL. 😀

  19. DMC says:

    still cheaper compare with Singapore

    1. SGD to MYR says:

      To stupid compare with Singapore. If Malaysia minimum salary rise to myr5000. Then can compare with Singapore. What smartphone can we buy in Malaysia with myr988 compare to Singapore sgd988 for 16gb 5s? Our currency is weak!

  20. ZV says:

    Iphone 5s and 5c is a joke. Many people said its price high and become high class, i don’t think so. For my opinion, its not worth to buy a new iphone 5s with a “advance new technology” and come out with a higher price like this. Not because i have no money to buy, its because its not worth !
    For 5C things become plastic and its spec same as iphone 5. Spend over 2k to buy a phone like this why dont i spend some more to buy others worthy like Nokia Lumia 1020 or Samsung Note 3 ?

  21. haha says:

    I am getting the phone because it is the most expensive in the market, and nothing else.
    It make me feel good as long as I am holding the most expensive phone in the market.
    People may call me low self-esteem but tell you what, there are so many of people like me around you. The confidence comes from the clothes, car, phone but just not from my heart!

  22. truman6 says:

    many said iphone price rise is a joke…what about sony & samsung? they didn’t up their price ?

    its our MONEY!! getting worthless now..but these few days, it seems to be up a little, in exchange rate..

  23. Jax says:

    Practically awesome! Which company does comes out with a 3k mark phone any android device cause that much? Nope! Soon they will have it as android need to play catch up with it. The touch technology is not like the crappy one the notebook that once we had. Company spend top dollar for research and development so that it much user friendly. Not like our Proton who doesn’t do anything but copy just like android.

  24. CY Lok says:

    Charging Premium on already Premium product nothing wrong there. Those that can afford it RM350 more is that much too them.
    Those that cant still can go for Android like the Samsung Galaxy S4 which is like RM500 less than it and still very powerful.

  25. peter says:

    At this price and the specs its beyond expensive, it’s ridiculous, whoever buying this must be crazy apple fans or a brand snob.

  26. Mel says:

    well, apple can charge whatever price they want. We as consumer, can just don’t buy it.. the price will automatically be revised.. of course, if you willing to pay for it.. the next time you will see RM2699 for iphone 6..

    It is up to you.. I switched to samsung few years back.. Apple is nice but to pay for their price? I skip.. plus the apps is not free too..

  27. jim says:

    the price too high in msia. + iphone didn’t have sd expansion. can’t compare to singapore because their currency strong. 16gb 5s myr2399 too high for Malaysia for smartphone that without memory card expansion.

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