Are These the Official Retail Price for the iPhone 5C and iPhone 5S in Malaysia?

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  1. kumar says:

    well done! horrible plastic junk with rm1899 price tag

    1. tiadaid says:

      Call me an Apple fag but I’m using an iPhone, an iMac & iPods and all 3 have not failed on me, not even once.

      My friend’s Samsung Galaxy S3 had screen issues which requires replacement only 2 months after purchase so which is the horrible junk now?

    2. Jenny says:

      As your logic, then all plastic phone is junk too…

    3. Rani says:

      even if the price is 1K i will not even consider to buy too. had my nightmare with iPhone 4 and previous 3GS, poor service by Switch and no reply from staff after they took your phone to repair. file transferring between iPhone and PC is as horrible as last time Nokia Symbian device.. not even a proper smartphone very hard to admit this expensive overpriced thing is coming out from such reputable company of Apple. now my current phone and wife phone all HTC and Samsung not even giving any problem, especially samsung which is very solid…

    4. Whoever says:

      I support your words. They are ALL plastic junk, but Malaysian are rich, who care to pay to these plastic junk?

    5. seancorr says:

      Haters gonna hate, enough said.

    6. Change now says:

      Rather than we are all bluffing about phone price, its better that we critizing on the price of petrol that is increasing.chill out guys.

  2. jason says:

    What can you buy with rm 2599 iphone 5s 32gb ?

  3. Lancelord says:

    2899 for a phone? I have better use of my hard earned money.

  4. dads says:

    a computer price for a ip5c? no way~

    1. lol says:

      It’s like saying a computer price for a S4, HTC One..etc as well.

  5. Ali says:

    Do they really call it Iphone 5C (cheap)?!!!!! Is RM1899 is a cheap price?!!!!!!

    Apple fail

    1. lol says:

      They never mention C stands for cheap. They indicate C stands for colours.

  6. mc says:

    stick to my xiaomi!

  7. Nick says:

    junk phone with shit price huh

  8. h says:

    Why the pricing for Iphone 5C 32Gb is not available? is Apple not supplying this to Malaysia?

  9. dumdeedoo says:

    you guys need to…:
    1) stop eating sharkfin.
    2) stop abusing pets.
    3) stop buying phones with 3 months of your salaries.

    1. Jenny says:

      And Stop follow Apple news if you don’t like it.

  10. Jesp says:

    I wonder why people saying iphone 5c is expensive and blah blah. It is exactly the same with iPhone 5 but you paid 2199 for iphone 5 now it is cheaper and you make noise.
    If no money get iphone then go for Nokia!

    1. Umar says:

      Jesp : You sir, gained my respect

    2. JC says:

      Oh yeah!! Im not apple user but I respect what you say 🙂

    3. jake says:

      I don understand why you mention “same” . Its totally not same .

  11. U says:

    Ridiculous price to pay for such a ‘small’ phone. Can already buy a decent gaming machine as per the next published article.

    1. Zhi yi ko says:

      Never used Apple phones since I jumped into the smartphone bandwagon in 2011. Sticked only to Samsung and HTC.
      As for tablets, my dad still using iPad, but I’m using 1st gen Galaxy Tab and still working well.

  12. ricky heng says:

    RM1899.00???? this is over and ridiculous, 5C supposed to be Apple’s answer to cater for those budget users, RM1899 can already get you high spec flagships from Samsung, HTC, Sony or even Nokia, be it Android or Windows. Luckily I have stopped using iphone since the 4S, happily with my Note 2 and Lumia 925 now.

  13. farriz says:

    just wait until 31st October….

  14. Zhi yi ko says:

    Apple iPhone 5C suck the most, at RM1899 you can easily top up for a Xperia Z @ RM1999. Sure it does not have good viewing angles, but it has a glass design, waterproof and better performance. iPhone 5S still acceptable, but 5C definitely not good at all

  15. justpassby says:

    i won’t call 5C expensive, as some have pointed out, it’s iphone 5 basically, and it received a price drop compared to iphone 5 launch price, so what else do you expect.

    anyway, i won’t recommend people get iphone 5, unless you really have budget constrain or really like the colorful look of it… i have played with the 5C already, it is as good as iphone 5, the plastic back is more solid that others, but still… it is plastic. for those who can’t bear the plasticky phone, go for 5s.

  16. Rani says:

    what is apple even thinking or trying to do…? this is too much for an outdated phone with plastic cheap materials. don’t they know with such high price is already enough to get phones like Xperia Z Galaxy S4 Lumia 925 or even top up a bit for Note 3 or HTC One or the new Sony Z1 and all those are WAYYY better than this fruit phone?? crazy Apple…

    1. Roni says:

      Cheap plastic material? Its a high grade polycarbonate. Get a basic knowledge at least before commenting. Unless you have nothing to, stop whining with you android fag attitude just because you have a mentality of a 10 years old kid or you probably didn’t have money to afford one.

  17. Anybody says:

    But I saw some website selling 5c at 17xx already. If 1899 is the official price, I shall buy it online.

  18. Kenu says:

    Strange that people will complain of the price of an iPhone. People pay just as much for Samsungs, HTCs, Xperias etc even though the cost of developing Android for these makers is virtually free (?)

  19. Alex says:

    Dont keep saying plastic this plastic that. does all Samsung smartphone only in aluminium? Does nokia lumia with RM2k all are aluminium? And dont forget about Iphone 3G and 3GS are plastic back cover too, why not start complaining that time and keep complaining about 5c now? Appl never say aiming on lower price market too.

    for those who buying LV bag with 6k price tag for a PVC bag to your gf, why not complain huh?

  20. Lantak says:

    Most people here complain because they cannot afford it but dream to own it.. Keep saving boys if u want to own it cause good things aint cheap

  21. CARtoon says:

    I find it terribly odd and comical that people are blasting a plastic iPhone. I mean, just look around and see how many people are slapping a case onto their iPhone. Chances are over 90% are made of some sort of plastic. Go figure.

  22. amir says:

    Hi Dear Miss/Sir

    Could you please leave your contact info. I need one iPhone 5S 32GB gray colour…
    Do have available and please give me your address to buy that …


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