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[Opinion] Why Must Local Prepaid Plans Be So Complicated?

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  • Matchy

    I’m a hotlink user, and the website is damn confusing! I just don’t know where to check the plans and their rate. I click on the plan link, but all I get is the “features” (top up, hot ticket, etc) and not the plans!

    • helloo

      try Prabhu Mobile….best internet plans…..very easy…

  • Din

    Ugh, both the Hotlink and Xpax website are total mess. I just want to compare the goddamn plans, not watching some flashy graphics. Guess I’ll just stick to my Maxis Postpaid.

  • duh

    duh already got plenty of comparisons online. this is one of the better ones but a bit old

  • Frendi offer the best validity duration and very good sms/call rate, but hard to find vendor/reseller outside KL/Selangor…

  • Techies

    Hotlink no longer provide other variants of their prepaid services other than the #Hotlink i think. However hot tickets are still available. This is what i got from the maxis store.

  • Bataman

    Exactly my sentiments! I am looking for a prepaid for a 2nd phone line…i look at Hotlink and XPak and have no idea what they’re talking about! It’s easiear for me to write a computer program then try to understand those plans!

    Only Digi and Umobile makes sense! I will probably subscribe to one of these telcos soon. I refuse to support telcos which try so hard to mislead customers with misinformation!

  • Crow

    Yeah, I like umobile plan. Really straightforward plan. I pay, I use. Simple

  • Dawja Xavier

    I’m on the old U.O.X plan which I get credit validity until I’m 25 years old.. The rates are the best even for now, since it is only for a limited time before..Having this plan should make me stay but I really hate Celcom’s service..The drop calls,SMS delays and busy networks, and most importantly the spam messages by themselves..Thinking of getting back to Hotlink or at least change telco.

    BTW, the link for Clixter Mobile is the same as My Kartu.

    • Thanks for informing! Fixed the link for Clixster 😉

  • Nick Chan

    Im pretty sure many do not know tunetalk only offers gprs

    • Wow I certainly did not know that! Thanks for letting us know, I’ll look further into that

    • akmy

      you are wrong..im using tunetalk..they are using celcom 3G network..wider than any other network..

  • Steven

    i myself is using XOX, to me is the cheapest and easiest to use.