Microsoft Surface Education Program Offers Students the Surface RT For RM618

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  1. ABC123 says:

    Surface RT? Pass… The touch cover still overpriced up to this point (RM300)?

    If Surface Pro less than RM2k good chance I’ll get.

    Also waiting for the Surface Pro 2 hopefully with an affordable price tag at least not far from RM3k

    1. Keong says:

      but the touch cover is only RM776-RM618 = RM158 right?

      The type keyboard only almost RM300….

  2. nyc says:

    how about UTM ?

    1. hero says:

      Uitm sure got

  3. moot says:

    sooo which uni/college are they headed to next? 😀

  4. Keong says:

    it is worth to buy?…i’m dilemma….

    🙁 im thinking very hard…

  5. Cyrus says:

    type keyboard about rm300 ? that’s ….. a a little …..

  6. Ariel says:

    Wow, what a deal!

  7. kng says:

    to me this is more like a stock clearance before Surface 2 and Surface Pro 2 launch in Malaysia. but nevertheless this is very good price for college or university students because Microsoft Office is pre-installed in Surface RT.

    1. Pang Tun Yau says:

      From what I heard, the promotion is actually at its tail end already. It’s most likely been around before the Surface 2 announcements.

      At that price, it is quite a deal, especially for students looking for something light to bring around to lectures etc.

  8. Bataman says:

    Wow! Microsoft trying to con students?? Everyone knows the RT is dead in the water. They have truckloads of it in the warehouse and now dumping it to the students hoping to clear stock.

    By next year, the stocks will probably be selling RM 300 a piece.

  9. abrak says:

    To clear things up, this is not a stunt act by Microsoft to clear their stocks. This promotion has been going on wayyyyy earlier than the announcement of the Surface 2.

    I see this as a good opportunity for student to have a device on the go that they actually can use for school (presentation, paperworks, etc) instead of another tablet which are total waste.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Don’t worry, every semester there’s a geek who can tinkering all IT gadget and make it faster and more responsive (just buy them ice coffee for staying up late night). If the buyer is the geek then it’s not hard for them to tweak it, because they can find a guide in xda-developer forum.

  11. telefon says:

    Can we flash android onto surface rt?

    1. ZZdfsd says:

      Why the hell would you want to flash that monstrosity on this beauty of a device?

  12. Keong says:

    There write until 30th Sept…

    i go today and say the promotion End already…


  13. hoe says:

    surface pro 2, when will offer in UTAR?

  14. Jhee Yann says:

    Hi … I have brought this tablet but want to resell this tablet out again.. Anyone interested pls contact 012-6356629. I have brought the Microsoft Surface Tablet as well as the touch keypad. The accesories for this tablet will be associate with this as well. The price will be negotiatable… The touch pad is new and never open before. The warranty for this tablet have not been registered yet.

  15. Jason says:

    Are there any such promotions currently? I really need one for college. Going back and forth with a damn heavy laptop is not ideal

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