It Just Gets Crazier: Lazada Malaysia Prices iPhone 5s From RM3200; Gold Ones From RM4199

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  1. Andrew says:

    Gold won’t depreciate compare to other, we should buy more and keep before they run out of stock !

  2. Bataman says:

    No worries. Android kaki here. Only isheep will buy at exorbitant price and feel proud.

  3. Paul says:

    If I have money to burn, definitely not on this. Lazada seems like taking advantage on online buyer. Chop!

  4. Alistair says:

    I hope there’s a report button. LOL!
    I wish someone can report to Apple Inc. and they will get into trouble!

  5. idiot buyer says:

    They think that’s real gold?
    916 or 999?

  6. Lumia users says:

    So, where is the “100 things cost less than iPhone 5S/5C” articles as promised? Bias much?

    1. LOLWUT says:

      LOL. everyone know la lowyat author is ifaggot.

    2. David Kwan says:

      Totally support you. Where is the writer Lucas Lau who wrote the stupid article?

    3. Pang Tun Yau says:

      We’re not writing it because these aren’t official retail prices. Simple as that.

  7. David Kwan says:

    Lucas, being polite here. M wondering if the price of iphone 5s is around 3k to 4k, what is your thought on it? Worth it or not? Which purpose does it serve seriously? Productivity or showoff ability?

    1. Lucas Lau says:

      If the price is 3k to 4k, there is honestly no value to owning the phone. Even if it were priced the same as the Lumia 1020, It would be a miss for me.

  8. kng says:

    it’s not real gold 24K. don’t be stupid and waste your money.

  9. BadBoy says:

    Iphone fan can now get chop off with Lazada deal, Iphone is a good product but not up to the standard of superb, at that price i can get alot of better phone.

  10. jason says:

    The Author is Iphone Faggot

  11. Gavin Teoh says:

    True Story, Lowyat authors are iSheep, they still think iDevices are more superior and Android. Oh please, I think they only watch the Apple keynote and completely ignore Google keynote for Android. Other articles by the US tech websites like TheVerge, Engadget and etc are more worth to read.

    1. Takki says:

      Disagree on your point. I find articles from lowyat net is very much worth reading. If you don’t like it, steer somewhere else. If you love the site and wanna see it improves, you should be polite and gives constructive feedback, rather than bashes. Please, respect yourself by respecting other.

  12. Iporn5Ass says:

    Please la,iphone 5s gold RM4.2k… design for d***hole?

  13. kambing says:

    only stupid ppl, really really stupid will buy that iphone with that kind of price……

  14. dumdeedoo says:

    seriously doubting the IQ level of some of the readers here. not only that they don’t read full articles on, even resort to use the word “faggot”. keyboard warrior yang kurang ajar.

  15. Xiiao Lee says:

    Hate IPhones to have expensive prices…… Thank god I’m Android punye kaki….. Xde hal………

  16. Omar says:

    I hope they send a certificate saying ‘u just got paWnd’ to every idiot desperate enough to buy the phones from Lazada

  17. Chun says:

    It’s time Android users stop having that chip on the shoulder about Apple users. It’s getting old.

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