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#Hotlink Basic Internet – Why this changes everything

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  • user

    any other catch?
    or for a limited time offer?

    • Vijandren Ramadass

      We’re quite certain that its for good.

  • fre4all

    finally has maxis opened the “star gate” for us..

    • chucky

      hehe….i just watched ‘stargate’ couple of days ago…still entertaining

  • “Pandora Box” is opened, interested to see how Digi / Celcom / Umobile react after this, haha~

  • Eugene

    They are simply adopting what postpaid is already offering once you exceed your data usage. Nevertheless, it’s a step in the right direction!

    • Vijandren Ramadass

      key word here is ‘once you exceed your data usage’ – which means you’ve already paid for it. Some of the telcos already offer throttled speed once you exceed your paid quota, but you still need to fork out a premium to get online.

  • dumdeedoo

    i believe this is the correct way – why?

    because as a smartphone user, i’m always connected to the wifi – be it the office or at home. most restaurants have free wifi now.

    i only need to use free internet without wifi to chat and instagram/fb/tweet.

    and now i don’t need to pay more. chinese got one saying, “PENG LENG JENG!”

  • Din

    The sooner SMS plan dies, the better.

    • chucky

      don’t forget there are still a lot of places without 2g or 3g signal, so sms is here to stay

  • Sparda

    They should make this available to post-paid users also… i mean their talk-plan subscribers…

  • KSL

    Hi Vijandren,

    Nice article, and great news for all of us on the mobile Internet front 🙂

    Just one thing to point out:
    Para 3, line 3: it’s “losing” not “loosing”.

    Cheers 🙂

    • Vijandren Ramadass

      thanks mate!

  • axim

    will this be the day of the spam? i have enough spam sms from celcom…

    • I’m using Celcom and good God the spam. I’m switching to Hotlink ASAP.

  • highbury1913

    Great article.

    I thought the exact same thing when this plan was announced.

    I also feel that besides outmaneuvering the current players, Maxis is looking at the impending threat of Virgin Mobile and their pay as you go policy.

    With this plan, Hotlink will not only remain king of the prepaid arena but you’ll see many of the people on the lower priced postpaid plans move to prepaid.

    That way Maxis postpaid will get to remain “premium” and not have to compete in a price war with Digi and uMobile while also addressing the issue of Maxis’ lack of “cheap” plan (remember how pissed people got last week when they found out the RM30 plan is only for supplementary lines).

    By doing this, Hotlink will not be cannibalizing Maxis postpaid but will instead eat away at the cheap postpaid plans Digi and uMobile offer.

  • David Lee

    You must be kidding me with that offering. 64kbps is barely enough for web browsing, let alone facebook (YES runs at 128kbs when the quota gets exhausted, and even then Facebook can barely load even if I use only Opera Mini on my iPad, and I turn off all the other devices connected to the Huddle.

    Do the telcos even test out their systems to see the practicality of offering just 64kbps? The absolute minimum needed for even the simplest website nowadays is at least 384kbps.

    I’m not only lashing out at Maxis and Yes of course. Digi, Celcom, U Mobile, etc are all equally guilty of offering such paltry connection upon reaching cap and claiming “unlimited”. Might as well not offer at all if you’re going to allow only a paltry and useless-to-desktops-and-devices-that-do-not-run-Opera-mini 64kbps.

    • Did you even read? It’s not meant for web browsing.

    • Hunter

      TLDR much for you?

      64kbps as the article said (and maybe what the people at Maxis designed it to be) is targeted for: messaging apps, emails, and simple tweets.

      What do you expect for FREE? Did you hope you could connect all your devices, terminate all your other data/internet subscriptions at home and use this for free @ a full blown speed? how cheapskate low you could possibly go?? mind boggling.

    • ijan

      Out of the measly 600mb quota for data, I only use 50mb for my emails and other msg app. Out of the so called 21mbps line I have, I may only need 32kbps, you ever used 14.4kbps ka?

      I on the other hand applaud Maxis (for once), this is going to start a similar reaction in the other telcos.

  • Ahmad_Tajuddin

    jangan harap digi to give free and keep it free.. they always give free then take it back.. how sincere they are

  • Teoh

    This hotlink plan can using LTE ?

    • Vijandren Ramadass

      Prepaid plans don’t come with LTE connectivity.

  • kk

    i had activated this plan for my wife immediately once knew it. As this totally meet her needs. I will now see what umobile will counterback if not i might switch to this plan too.

    @Vijandren, looking forward to your sharing on what we can and cannot do with 64kbps of internet. Thanks.

  • Ooi

    I am happy with this new #hotlink plan!
    I always purchase the 1week-100mb-RM8 data, but only use less than 50mb for the week.
    All I need is FBMessenger, Whatsapp, WeChat, Email & Instagram only.

  • Nice move Maxis. I’ve been using Celcom Postpaid for 3 years now thinking of jumping ship to Hotlink. Celcom you better do something before its too late. Sincerely I think we, postpaid user felt left out.

  • Danny

    So , When I Turn On The Data, It Won’t Cut Off Even a single cent of my credit ? kinda confuse at the moment

  • Hotlinker

    Nice article Vijandren,
    For early adopters and reviewers for this plan, many would feel great as the free internet service is made available thru out the active & grace period (before termination). But after 23rd Jan 2014 internet service is only available during ‘paid’ active period. A few pointers to take note: 1. Share a top-up not allowed for first 3 months of subscription. 2. inactive grace period 45 days vs 90 days for the old hotlink plan. 3. To make matter worse, Share a top-up will only activacte the other services BUT NOT the free internet. 4. Free internet will only be available with top-up via paid methods like scratch cards, e-ticket etc. The internet is not so free after all. Cheers

  • a beto e merik

    64kbps is a joke. Even Facebook notifications can’t bound in. Let alone other social apps.

    I just switched back to Hotlink after 2 years with Digi. Now I’m thinking of coming back to Digi. Or Umobile perhaps.

  • Qusyairi Aznam

    Can someone teach me how to have this service? I dont know