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[Update] The Samsung Galaxy Note 3’s 4K Video Recording: Yay or Nay?

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  • Edward

    Better add an OIS camera.

    • Amir The Videoguy

      Hi Edward,

      The Galaxy Note 3 does have a stabilizer function built in and from what I gather, is only a software based stabilizer. It records in 1080p at 60fps in Smooth Motion mode but the software stabilization isn’t much to shout about. I’d say Nokia did a better job in this respect.

  • Wong

    It looks to be more of a software issue that can be resolved / enhanced by Samsung or community mods that will extract the best from the sensor.. some trade-offs in encoding are likely the result of battery life considerations. ^^ lets see how it goes…

    • Amir The Videoguy

      Yes! Why Samsung didn’t fully consider this before release especially when they’re in the perfect position to be the market leaders in terms of smartphone 4K recording capabilities I’ll never know. We have just received a retail model in our office and I’ll be doing further tests on this model to see if there’s any improvements.

  • chris

    Another negative comment frm applefanboy alike or hardcore dslr comparing apple with watermelon

  • teo

    the video shake too much no use recording at 4k or what ever resolution

  • Ben

    It’s one of Samsung’s typical marketing gimmick. 4k is still relatively new in the field of technology, shooting at this res does not only sucks your battery dry but also takes up a lot of space, thus making it very unreliable.

  • Wong

    Yaay to the software upgrade on the note3 video recording. I think they were rushing it a lil to be honest with all the major brands outing something in september that is photocentric- Iphone5s with larger photosites and dual led, Oppo with a rotating camera and additional ‘lenses’, Sony with its 20.7mp camera with all the “features”. and Nokia 1020. So yea..they had to rush… I still feel there might be a few % of extracting that they can improve on, hopefully a better image stabilization is on the cards, did you check that?

    and whats the word on the still picture quality?

  • Ally

    Not sure if its a good thing and I dont really see the need of 4k video in a mobile phone.
    Are they trying to shoot a film/movie using a mobile phone? lol!
    Anyway, back to mobile use, if recording using 4k, good luck in uploading videos on FB or other social medias…

  • CY Lok

    I dunno what is the big deal with 4k but why waste so much bandwidth and storage when most ppl only got a 1080p tv screen, or a 1920 x 1200 monitor? And not to mention some of those Full HD youtube video from smartphone look worse than those camcorder 720p video.

  • Wong

    well i look it in the way that if you could record at a higher definition and scale it down (encoded properly through dedicated pc software), it would turn out to be much better than current 1080 recordings. At least its an option should you want to use it, its back to the android basis of its a choice, if you want to use it you can, and if you don’t want to, go ahead and use the usual HD. The note series has always been about content creation (S pen and now the camera) – so samsung is uping their game in this aspect. Its to cater for the power user. Anyways, there are other android devices out there that may suit your needs better – thats the beauty of android – everyone trying to differentiate and innovate with the same core OS. So that the familiar tasks are uniform (hopefully) and the unique selling point(s) (USPs) are the one’s that are there if it suits your needs.

  • Liviu

    Check that and you’ll see that you are wrong

  • nerys

    install open camera. you can set the bitrate (variable I assume) upto 100mbit. it does make quite a big difference.

    It also gets you past the 5minute limitation samsung imposes (though you are still limited to 4gb per file or 9 to 11 minutes recording time) open camera lets you set limits (I use 10 minutes) and auto repeat. so it will record 10 minutes stop then start again for another 10 minutes. Very nice 🙂

    Sadly it does lack the “pause and resume” that the samsumg camera has which I used quite a bit. you can also “hack” the samsung camera apk to also up the bitrate quite a bit (again upto 100mbit)