(Update) BlackBerry Moving Away from Consumer Market; Suffers $1B Loss on the Z10

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  1. Rae says:

    This is what happens when you join the market too late…

  2. AntiApple says:

    2.7 units ? or 2.7 million units ?

    1. Lucas Lau says:

      Ah yes, Pang has already submitted his RM1 to the denda jar for that mistake =)

  3. lang says:

    So who want buy this company.


    1. Jeff says:

      Micro$oft will buy it.
      Like they bought Nokia.

  4. bunnybearz says:

    Replace the os with android, add additional bb security/server and bb keyboard swipe as extra feature, BOOM!!! bb can survive again.

  5. old_calculator says:

    What i dont understand is that they know they are struggling but then release flagship model with price range close to 2k. I mean, cmon who in the right mind wanna buy a model with an infant OS @ premium price ?

    1. InvinceZ says:

      have u ever use BB10?

  6. Alvin says:

    Serve em right …. if u ask me. Crap product what can you expect, Z10 just a shitty piece of crap.

    1. Techtonic says:

      Shitty overpriced pieces of crap are what Samsung makes. Z10 is well-designed physically and the BB10 OS is nifty to use. It’s the complete lack of apps in the ecosystem that make the phone unusable to everybody but the most die-hard BB fan. But people need to be fair with their criticisms. BlackBerry doesn’t skimp on build quality like Samsung does.

  7. Normando D. DelosSantos says:

    I think BB10 is really very good and I personally like it. The price, however, is too high for me. If only they have priced their phones a little lower, I, together with some colleagues at work would have bought their Q10s.

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