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Comparison: iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C Launch Price Around the World and Malaysia Price Estimation

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  • Felix

    I am still using iPhone 4 right now, most probably I will go for 5C.

    • justpassby

      Good choice of upgrade

    • Upgrade should go to 5S. If upgrade to 5c, get the cheaper one Iphone5. Iphone 5 & Iphone 5c is the same.

      Maybe color & plastic blind your decision.

    • joker


  • Anis

    iOS 7 looks gay. You know. So colourful and stuff.

    • truman6

      LOL! i have to agree with you…but i think apple set it according to phone color (for 5c), but wuth i see, 5S is different color, like old 1..

    • jamalnsx

      The CEO (Tim Cook ) is gay. What to do?

    • lol.. I kinda like the ios 7.

    • Azwan

      If colourful = gay, then “normal” straight folks should be grey, dull and boring. And deserved to be shipped off to Mars. The world around us is so bright and colourful. You should get out of your house more often.

    • masoc

      LOL at Azwan. Do you see any vibrant colors mixed up from iOS 7 icons in nature? This is nature colors:

    • Lachel

      Actually it doesn’t look that bad when you have it installed in your iPhone/iPad.. 😉

    • ashton

      Hai..anybody noticed that the ios 7 is look like symbian + windows kind of thing…well its my opinion then…what u all guys think?

  • Hudson8823

    If the differentiation of the official price for iPhone 5C and 5S is below than RM500, I’ll choose the later instead…

  • Capes

    iPhone 5C will be 1799 la. Follow the old price

  • Lemontea

    Don’t expect a cheap Iphone, it won’t happen now. From aluminium to plastic case, as others spec is still the same, it won’t make a big difference.

    • justpassby

      Agree, the hardware is same like iphone 5, so the price drop to midrange will not be possible by just changing the case… when time goes on however, this could be eventually the midrange phone? we’ll see…

  • James

    Not cheap enough for me to consider it worth

    Might as well spend extra few hundred for the better one

  • Yong Leip Keat

    Don’t forget our usd conversion rate is getting weaker and weaker. So the price might go higher

  • Brian2013

    Iphone 5C is the iphone 5 with different color with same spec.

  • kng

    if Apple follow the latest currency rate 1 USD = RM3.3 that means iPhone 5c won’t be selling at RM1799

  • ricky heng

    lol, paying premium price for lousy quality iJunk phones, how cool is that?

  • Izham

    I think price for 5c will start from 1799 and 5s from 2199…

  • iPhone 4S is the midrange Apple device now

  • anon

    5c is expensive like f**k

    • RAJA


  • den

    sighh~ the iphone 5c must be around RM1850 or RM1900 .. alot of other phone is deserve that price.. htc,sony.. etc which had more core, more ppi, available storage, quality product with aluminum, durability, camera above 8 mp and stuff.. iphone is for those who are cannot brain to much.. doing simple thing and spent more… u never know how exactly smartphone is.. I had iphone, and android and nokia.. I prefer android with the same price as iphone if u want to know the different

  • 666devil

    That is apple’s devious plan. Price 5c as high as possible and close to 5s,so that no reason for ppl not to get 5s. Better yet, got justification to increase price for 5s now. Let’s wait and see the price revealed locally. Anyhow, win win situation for Apple. Most getting 5s no matter wat. With so many sheep’s full of milk, apple don’t have to be afraid of milking them dry.

  • mannoj

    i wish the i phone 5s price cost rm 1300

  • Sarah Morris

    I think that iPhone is still insanely cool. Just because without Steve Jobs in it, it is less cooler than it used to be. But still way better than other smartphone. Think about it. We won’t have this cool phone without the legendary CEO. But still, his ideas is still in the phone. Just needed to be upgraded more in the future. iPhone 5C is for students that can only afford phones at the affordable price and for people who like color in their life. Not for dull people. It is cheerful. iPhone 5S is for people who is more into classy and mature adults who wants a phone that can be use in their daily life. Apple has already set up nicely for us. They give what we need. RIP Steve Jobs. peace.

    • student

      iphone 5c fr students? i dont think a phone cost about rm1800++ is affordable for students. If you’re talking about the rich students who goes to private college, drive expensive cars, goes oversea trip every summer break then, yes ofcourse its affordable. but to a normal students, goverment unis, had to work during breaks like most of us malaysian students, then NO it is so not affordable. Though i have to admit there are still those ppl who’re willing to pay so much money on a phone to impress others but ended up eating only plain rice, once a day for the next 3 months.

  • Future is now

    Samsung phones will only become a tablet sooner or later. Nokia still Nokia with some features recently which they claimed that only them can use colors for the casing, Blackberry is still with the tradition keypad and add on modern features. iPhone is all in one, they have a affordable iPhone 5C for young heart with just enough cash for a cool phones. Not just cool but functional. iPhone 5S is more too classy and office workers who need a phone that can be 3 in 1 and suits their personality and age if you may. I’m gonna go for iPhone 5C because that resembles who I am.

  • TeDDFirdaus

    Cheers to Azwan ; )

  • Ashraf

    why so late realese in malaysia ? i cant wait for Iphone 5s .

  • dcash

    Let see when this iphones 5c & 5s so will can know which one to go for as for me I will like to go for 5s

  • morre

    i think i pick a iphone 5s… mybe it quiet exspensive but it worth.. im a android user… and this will be worth for me to choose iphone 5s for my 1st apple phones….

    • Throne

      Me too

  • Dee

    I’m tired of using Blackberry. iPhone 5s seems cooler so I would love to go for it, in other meaning, pujuk my dad to belanja me aha!

  • jayhjindran

    hope 5s prize will go a bit down…… but im happy with 5s………

  • fer

    iphone 5s price rm3,000 not lie

    • Naz

      for gold edition maybe..heh

  • haz

    my friend just bought the iphone 5s 64Gb at RM 2499

  • haz

    my friend bought the ip5s 64gb RM2499

    • Steve No Job

      ip5s 64gb for RM2499 ? Cap ayam i think

  • Bharat malla


  • halim

    if Steve Jobs comes back to life, he would be shocked to see what Apple has done to his baby…ultimate dis-sophistication!

  • Afiq

    Well it turn out 5S lunch price was not as we expected RM2199, check out the price at apple malaysia web it is RM2399 for 16gb

  • acesus

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