IFA 2013: The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 – All 5.7 Inches And Faux Leather Back, Coming 25th September

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  1. suratsiber says:

    design wise, note 3 looks more masculine compare to note 2. I think I’ll stick to the feminine side of mine (note 2) 😛

  2. hazman says:

    Faux leather in white? Definitely will get dirty in no time.

  3. jasprit says:

    the faux leather back looks so afterthought and last minute to counter the current trend of better build/design/material Android phones from HTC and Sony.

  4. InvinceZ says:

    maybe…they should move the home button to somewhere else. the sides maybe.

  5. Hudson8823 says:

    The features packed looks interesting(by seen the promo video) but it borrow the design of Galaxy SII……

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