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Lowyat.TV: The Google Chromecast Unboxing, Hands-On, Setup and Test!

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  • jayz

    might as well get hdmi to hdmi connector since the dongle need to be powered and power sockets are already limited near the TV areas. would had been great if the dongle do not need to be externally powered up.

    • The dongle can be powered by USB on the TV if it has, but you’re right. THe package comes with a HDMI extender but it’s not too long either T_T

  • RedArmy

    mind asking how did you get one on hand? and how much was it?

  • ken

    can it work on Sony KDL-46EX400 for watching normal .rmvb, .mkv & etc??

  • Michael

    the device is connected to the wifi right?
    so is a must, to get a high or much stable wifi modem router, so can get better wifi signal?

  • Edward

    The Chromecast can actually do more than just what was shown. Unfortunately, most of those services are not available here in Malaysia.

  • Vincent Eng

    I want to buy Chromecast. For watching YouTube on my TV. Does it available in Malaysia?

  • Dear lowyat – mind telling us how to get one in Malaysia? Hope you guys can interact more with your readers. Many thanks and great post

  • selvam

    where to buy chromecast dongle in Malaysia?

  • jelle

    Hey, is there a list of compatible devices for Chromecast? I can’t seem to find the chromecast sign on Youtube videos for my tablet and smartphone. Or does it only works for certain Android versions?

    • Let me get back to you on that one =)

  • mokhtar

    where can I get one? and how much?

  • Annoynimous

    I am ANNOY-NIMOUS….please write BETTER ENGLISH! “Does” it available in Malaysia? COME ON!!!

  • Danial Qawiem

    My guess, does it only cast only activities on Google apps? Can it does more than what that actually shown in the video? Any references on what Chromecast can do other than this?


    Chromecast itself is a nano computer that runs You Tube and selected programmes. It needs Wifi to run. Your mobile phone or PC acts as a remote control. So it actually streams from the external server directly to Chromecast dongle.

    The is different from other devices in the market that streams from your mobile or computer. This will (a) drain your battery on your mobile device and (b) clogs up your Wifi router.