Global Roll Out of Nokia Lumia WP8 Amber Update Begins: Coming Soon To Malaysia

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  1. John says:

    The so call Amber update listed on Nokia website is actually for Portico (check the version no).

    1. John: See the title for the last column of the table. 😉

  2. Zaidi says:

    What is different between Coming Soon and Waiting For Approval?

    Coming Soon is before waiting for approval or Otherwise?

    1. Zaidi: According to Nokia:

      Waiting for approval = undergoing final testing with country or operator to achieve approval.

      Coming soon = approved, in final pre-release checks.

  3. Ip Man says:

    actual date? Coming soon in 1 month of time?

  4. nokia_man says:

    Sooner than expected. The Amber update will determine whether or not my 920 stays with me.

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