Orange eSports Dota 2 Team: Darlings Of The International 3, Heroes Of Malaysian eSports

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  1. morpheus2929 says:

    no comments?…seriously?…and i thought i’m the least patriotic around here…

    1. Lucas Lau says:

      Haha! There are a few comments on Facebook =)

  2. george says:

    These guys deserved going to the grand finals from how well they played, but there’s always next year

  3. Afif Wafiy says:

    I spectated all Orange games. Kudos Orange, you made us Malaysians very very proud!

  4. andy chong says:

    LOL, sad ky.xy aegis denied…

  5. c.w says:

    “Wonder if Yamateh is regretting leaving now”
    Yamateh is no doubt a very good player, but with the updated roster I feel there is more synergy and chemistry within the team, which helped them to adapt to the other teams in just a matter of 1 week and surprising many with their clutch performances. Finding the right balance in a team is more important than trying to fit in a reputable star player.

  6. goorange says:

    well all the comments are in the forum 😉

  7. Apple says:


  8. SmmO says:

    Opss you cannot say like that if ymt n winter no out .ohy and net not join orange.. they wont be win T13 3rd place…

  9. flamy says:

    what heroes they use?

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