Sony and Panasonic Announces Their Agreement to Jointly Develop 300GB Optical Discs

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  1. jalilo jimkana says:

    cammonlah who needs 300gb of optical space. make bluray cheaper.

  2. e1 says:

    …today, we have 1TB portable hard disk and any reason we need 300GB disk ?

    1. Axel says:

      Well, discs are easier to store and have a longer span compare to HDDs (correct me if I’m wrong). Some people even rely on tapes to keep it longer. So, why not?

    2. PeterTechGuy says:

      4k, or maybe even 8k movie. Why not?

  3. Telefon says:

    Whether ppl need or want 300gb disk is another matter… but I think they should put their effort into making cheap 300gb microsd

  4. nick says:

    inPhase tried it with 300GB holographic memory discs, costing USD180 each, and the drive USD18,000. they went into bankruptcy

    Thumbdrives nowadays have capacity of 128GB and more.

    i don’t think it will be used for enterprise backups. more for entertainment industry, movie, games, etc…

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