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Nokia Lumia 1020 Is Confirmed For Malaysia, Available In Q4 2013

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  • Anjana

    Hope Nokia MY will introduce a trade-in facility… #dreamIsOn

    • Zaidi

      Me too…..

    • Ip Man

      Nokia SG has the trade in program >.<

    • Ahh, so hoping for that…seriously im gonna switch my lumia 920 with this damn 1020, so please please please Nokia!!! >.<

  • si_rap

    probably released in Dec. Just like L920

  • juliancowcow

    W8 will throw in the towel in 2014……who want to buy if this the case…..window 9 coming

  • El Duardo

    What is the price for this baby? I am talking about vanila no link with any telco. I am seriously thinking of this phone or maybe the upcoming Sony’s 20mp phone.

  • El Duardo

    Couple of issues which makes this not so great of a phone
    1. Non Replaceable Battery. I really hate that.
    2. No memory slots really? 32gb memory isn’t much if you take tons of pics and have lots of apps and etc in your phone.
    3. Windows 8 seriously Windows?

    First 2 is killer to me.

    • Rei

      What have you been smoking? It’s Windows Phone 8 not W8. It’s obvious that you know nothing about Windows Phone.

    • Law

      try one of the lumias b4 you comment something

    • this is teddy

      Which era in time are you? the 90’s phone? embedded battery makes the phone in solid condition and of course more safer than replaceable battery. yearh true, it’s Windows Phone 8 not W8, noob. do more research with real Lumias.

  • SE

    So when will the Nokia Lumia 1020 be released in Malaysia?

    • SE: Nokia Malaysia has yet to announce the exact release date, unfortunately.

  • joe

    OH MY GOD!! i cant wait to own this fcking 41mp pureview. I JUST CANT WAIT MUCH LONGERR!!!!!!!!

  • Chanel

    When will it be released in Malaysia and may I know how about its price?

    • Chanel: No price at the time being but our sources told us that it will be released by the end of September.

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