MCMC Announces List of 23 Devices Eligible for Youth Communication Package

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  1. Maverick says:

    Well.. you got a Lumia 610, which isn’t bad, I guess. 😀 Although the plan is clearly geared to entertain a certain demographic of voters.. which is questionable, to say the least.

  2. SR says:

    Dude rather than using big words…demographics does not check if you are poor or not. This will help people with low income. Seems that some common cannot be purchased sadly :).

    1. Maverick says:

      I think you, and your comment, are missing the word ‘sense’. If the government was really interested to help poor people, giving a RM 200 discount on a smartphone to people aged between 21-30 with a monthly income below 3K is again, a very questionable decision.

      If they really wanted to help, I maybe would suggest the 300Mil given for fuel, toll or even accommodation subsidies to the same target demographics.

      Although I really commend the way you prove your own point, that money really… can’t buy you common sense. 😉

  3. lala says:

    no, rm500 cannot buy smart phone,

    rm500 can only buy stupid phone.

    1. do ur research says:

      Please don’t say something like that.. it shows u r so ignorant. The list includes some rather decent smartphones like lumia 610, galaxy chat and wildfire. U expect everyone to have s3 or iphone in their hands?

      1. GOV STUPID says:

        please don’t be fooled by this candy games by politician. they expect to help poor people to buy a cheaper “smart phone” to educate them and let them be apart of technologies? hey ? phone no need topup meh? 3g so free ar? tel line yo granpa own? stupid gov. use this budget to help them to survives live in horrible economy is much2 better. stupid gov. this not only agenda to give people cheaper ..but give their big guy vendors and crony to have bisnes.. ??stupid gov

    2. SR says:

      Yes common sense thank you. And if you have time, read the financial times and the budget report if I’m not mistaken the subsidy is more than most countries in the world. Next you want petrol for free?

  4. andrew says:

    c2-03, Samsung Galaxy Chat not a smart phone at all

    8) Ninetology Black Pearl II will cot u 599

    and the alcatel is extremely difficult to get in malayia normal phone market. the telco offer much more better den the najib’s “1malayia government”

  5. thanks says:

    if you can afford a 2k phone, u dont need help. if u can afford 500k house, u dont need help. same goes to other stuff. this is not a communist country. this package is clearly not for you.

  6. Pandorum says:

    Well, since gov gives, we just take la. Not necessary to vote for them if u get their stuff. If it is not your cup of tea, just pass to those who are in need la. At least those who can’t afford a smart phone can get a ‘not-so-smart’ phone at a lower price lo.

  7. avcutie says:

    It is tax payers’ money that najib is giving away. Just take and you don’t have to vote him. It is YOUR MONEY anyway.

  8. teddy o ryan says:

    whoever expecting to get an S3 or an iphone from this package are a total douchebags…this rebate is for the less fortunates …go and expect handouts from other country you fuckin dirtbags!

  9. U racist ah pek says:

    A few question come into my mind when i read this article.
    1. Why is there so many Nokia phone listed while there is a quite a number of phone manufacturer produce many smartphone under RM 500?
    2. Why is the government saying that this will help those who can’t afford to buy smartphone while the terms is that they must subscribe to broadband plan (normally contract is 1 year and a lot of place provide free wifi)? The cheapest plan is RM18/month which will incur a heavier burden on those who can’t afford to buy smartphone.
    3. Most of the selected dealer are big vendor in the industry. Based on my point of view, this does not help small & medium business like phone shop owner. This should be opened to more small & medium business owner but with a strict registration process for youth aged 21-30 years old.
    4. Certain phone are not even smartphone as pointed out by other people. And certain phone are very outdated phone which won’t really help the youth to learn much about technology.

    Lastly, if there is any mistake in my statement or if there is racist or bias or insulting content, I apologize in advance

  10. Pang Tun Yau says:

    Hi guys, as much as we encourage discussions on our comments section, please do so in a civil manner and refrain from using foul and/or abusive language. Thanks!

  11. Techtonic says:

    The standout phone of this bunch is clearly the Lumia 610 in terms of specs and OS. If you’re into Android, ZTE Acqua also not too bad since it comes with ICS. The rest don’t seem to be worth bothering with.


    Let me put this straight.
    This rebate is for those youth who wants a cheap smartphone (not overkill iP5 or samseng garaxyies).

    Nokia Lumia 610 is a great phone at that range of price and with the rebate its totally attractive.

    Stop bitching about why the rebate is only for smartphone thats worth 500 and below.

    If you can afford a smartphone thats worth more than 1k then u r not the target market.

    although age range (21-30) does raise an eyebrow.

    its like pancing undi. i would like to say more but i’ll just shut up and see where this wave takes us to.

  13. anson says:

    Gov should help the poor with telco line,3G or data line!Not with cheaper smartphone.If that group of people got the so called Smartphone,if they really couldn’t afford at the first time,they will also stop the data after few months.Whats the point of having a smartphone without smart function which mostly need to use data line

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