The Lowyat.NET Editorial Team Super Unofficial Best Of 2012: Day 3 – Mobile Device Of The Year

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  1. Littlebear says:

    Why no iphone 5? 😀

  2. goldfries says:

    So many of my iPhone 4 / 4s user friends are bored with iOS. iPhone 5 doesn’t amuse nor excite already.

    Great choices from the LYN Editorial team. 😀 For me, best device of the year is Acer Iconia Tab W510.

    I think while Asus Vivotab would have better keyboard build and such, I like W510 for being able to STAND with the keyboard, and also has IPS screen.

  3. dan says:

    Nice!!! at least the lowyat taste is great when excluded the Apa phone..hahahhaha

  4. sh*tPhone 5 says:

    “Why no iPhone 5?”

    You gotta be kidding, right? hahaha!

    really funny man. iPhone 5. what a joke. a nice joke though.

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