Smartphone Discounts For Youths To Start On 1 Jan 2013, Restricted To Pre-Approved Devices Under RM 500 - Lowyat.NET

Smartphone Discounts For Youths To Start On 1 Jan 2013, Restricted To Pre-Approved Devices Under RM 500

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  • LULS

    Cant even buy the 1Malaysia Pad.

  • RM 300 million allocations WASTED!!!!

    • PrinterJam


    • Rry

      Nope not wasted…. because if no one claim the 300mil that means he got extra pocket money for his wife to shop

  • Falola

    WOWiiii .. can get CSL for free !

  • Do re mi

    Please lah…. We need an AFFORDABLE house NEARBY our workplace….. Not luxurious items like that!!!

  • kimi

    Iphone 5 – RM2000
    Nexus 4 – RM1700
    Note II – RM2099

    only can buy Iphone 3gs 32GB – rm450…

  • kelly

    Shame on you Youth Communication Package, spend the money on something more tangible

  • Maverick

    300Mil?! Diu lo like that.. “Do re mi” is right! We need cheaper houses instead! Plus, RM 200 discount on RM 500 phones are pretty pointless anyway, one can get 2nd hand phones for better value..

    • steven

      no point … atleast under 1k 3G smartphone

  • kelvin

    The government is trying to cheat us again.

  • najib

    salam 1Malaysia

  • Najib grandpa

    Fuck government..avday thinkin hw to cheat us

  • climante

    wake up laa… the 1.5mil originally from Rakyat pocket laa!! try to think!! use ur BRAIN!! BRAIN!! THINK!! all the voucher doesn’t assist on our daily necessities!! government doing bullshit to buying ur vote alternatively!!

  • Fadd

    “Antara pengedar dan penjual yang akan menawarkan telefon pintar dengan rebat Pakej Komunikasi Belia ini adalah Senheng dan juga SenQ.”

    Seriously, what phone cost RM500 from Senheng & SenQ?

    • miith

      good point

  • kongee

    Ada Udang Disebalik Batu

  • Mr Furious

    Oh, so this is where my hard earned tax dollars go to!

  • da3k3vil

    what important now is stop rising price in food instead, stupid government..pls la, i won’t vote to brainless government, especially deputy P.M, even can’t well in english..

  • kalt

    Data plan itself will cost more than RM200/year.

  • bladegun

    Pre-approved devices:
    1. 1Malaysia Phone Pro – RM499
    2. 1Malaysia Phone S – RM399
    3. 1Malaysia Phone Mini – RM299

  • olak329

    u can buy sony-tipo, htc-wildfire.s, samsung-galaxy y. its not for u, then its for your kids. stupid government. shud’ve gave for free laa!!!! below RM500 still consider as SMARTPHONE? cant even do skype video call. ABU~

  • mikale

    rm450 – samsung galaxy chat

    If you have fukken expensive smartphone, then you don’t need any help, as easy as that

    Miskin buat lah macam miskin. Ni tak, beli gadget mahal-mahal, lepastu bising mintak sedekah. Ni lah kebolehan orang malaysia. Tak mampu, berlagak macam kaya

  • yowayowa

    Not that I am not grateful for the RM200 rebate but the ceiling price is just ridiculous.

    The justification for this rebate is already lame enough. They are giving money for only youths to buy smartphones instead of EVERYONE (maybe not kids under 16, what do they need a smartphone for? Angry birds?) even though they claim they want to build a nation that is techno-savvy or whatever. I’m not even convinced.

    Now they impose a ceiling price to this deal and only pre-approved phones? People who would purchase a smartphone would not want a phone under RM500 as that would defeat the purpose of getting a smartphone in the first place. Smartphones below that price are bullshit.

    And most importantly, IS THIS NEWS EVEN GET REPORTED IN MAINSTREAM MEDIA? I did a little bit of searching and there is no mention of this ceiling price in thestar or the news. They hid it in the official site hoping the voters would not even notice it until it is too late. This is obviously just a ruse to get votes for their key demographic, the youth.


    Stupidest shit i ever heard of this year.

  • amad108

    this kind of people that manage our country?
    smartphone below rm500 can consider as child smartphone.. the spec is same with nokia N70.. yes if u can use that phone mikale just get it..

  • dafuq

    First impression:
    RM200 rebate for phones finally out! About time. January next year? I can wait!

    Second Impression:
    RM500 ceiling price? Bitch please

  • Guy Fawkes

    Really? Honestly 21 to 30 year old youths, the age range should be larger, although that would mean allowing non-voters *cough* to enjoy this.

    Also, instead of forcing people to take a broadband plan, Gov should get telco’s to introduce a special plan just for this “broadband penetration” initiative.

    Lastly, it’s reasonable to have set a price ceiling, logical to prevent those with high purchasing power to abuse this initiative by getting iPhone 5 or Galxy Note II, S3, but RM500 is just…. sad. Can buy only really low end Andriod phones, or China tech. I think it should be pushed to at least RM1000.

  • Bug

    and everyone was planning to buy ip5 with the so called rebate.hahaa..!!ppl, u’ve been trolled

  • mia

    eventhough some of you people call the plan stupid,u will also used the rebate.just like the br1m.everybody said it stupid but u still take the money and it has turn into just shut up and thanks the pm.